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April 19, 2016

Essential Oils


Since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, each winter there is a change in the appearance and texture of my skin.  Whether my dry skin is a result of the disease or from medications I take, it needed to be addressed.

Suggestions from friends,  I eventually purchased three products.  The first product was NUXE HUILE PRODIGIEUSE MULTI PURPOSE DRY OIL.  I was excited to be able to run to TARGET and buy it at a reasonable price, but the scent was a little strong for me.  It is not unusual that some products that I’ve used for years do not smell or feel the same since the addition of certain medications.

I was attracted to the TATA HARPER REVITALIZING BODY OIL that is 100% Natural & Non-Toxic and purchased it, even though it was rather pricey.  I applied after showering numerous times, it had a pleasant scent & felt great, but it didn’t have any healing effect on my extreme dry skin.

TAMMY FENDER BULGARIAN LAVENDER BODY OIL did the trick!  I got immediate results after the first application.  The lavender scent is calming, and it felt so good on my dry skin. I kept up with the application of the oil and there was an improvement in the texture of my skin as well as appearance.  I love it and intend to try more products of this line.

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April 5, 2016


1 (2) RA Style & Flare launched in April, 2016 as a resource for individuals with or without autoimmune diseases.  This blog is dedicated to the sharing of information that empowers you to live life with Style & Flare in spite of Rheumatoid Arthritis, or any other chronic disease.

Since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my life drastically changed, surprisingly for the better!  The blog/vlog is a platform where I share tips on lifestyle, beauty, fitness, as well as a place for my readers to share their experiences.  Due to my chronic illness I’ve created a lifestyle that evolves constantly so that RA doesn’t define me, I’ve embraced it, and now live a more fulfilled life. 

RA Style & Flare is a world of inspiration, for individuals of all ages who embrace the power of positive thinking, while living with the challenges and uncertainties associated with chronic illnesses.

I look forward to hearing your comments as we navigate our fabulous lives together!  Visit my blog posts starting this month on Tuesday each week.   Additionally, posts may be added during the week!

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