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August 9, 2016

A Change Is Coming!

Hi Everyone:  My site is being revamped and I am unavailable to blog this week!  My site will be up and running, with many changes Tuesday, August 16, 2016.  Please come back, subscribe, & the comment button will be working!

Thank you for your support and patience!

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August 5, 2016

Self vs Self


Aside from the physical woes brought on by an autoimmune disorder, one has to deal with the emotional components. Accepting the fact that your own body has turned against you is not easy. Fighting an external factor is psychologically more acceptable than fighting yourself. After months of trying to sort everything out, incorporating a new diet, and making lifestyle adjustments, I saw the light. I did not treat my body well, so it was not going to treat me well. A white flour diet, a daily afternoon Twizzler fix (we’re talking full pack here), and working full-time while completing a Master’s Degree took their respective tolls. My body wasn’t crying for help; it was screaming for help! And then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Just as my lifestyle made my body ill, my choices held the power to make it well. I had to admit the no white flour or sugar diet was working. Taking a multivitamin and B12 were also assisting with my recovery. I realized I had the power to regain my energy levels and get my life back. In that moment, I did not win the battle; I won the war. So I encourage you to know there is hope. It might seem as if you are in a dark place with no return, but I can assure you there is a light; it will be dim at first, but it will grow brighter, and you too will win the war.


August 2, 2016

An Epiphany!

You don’t need to have an autoimmune disease to benefit from a healthy diet, for many people it is the way to go, well I drank the Kool-Aid, made the commitment, yet I’m still struggling with weight loss.  I’ve got the grocery/farm stand shopping down, I buy real, unprocessed, and whole foods.  On the way home I think of all the shoes and bags I could add to my collection if I wasn’t so health conscience and spending an arm and leg on groceries. I am always anticipating the miraculous changes in my weight, that seem to elude me.  Honestly, there are some days that I experience the joys of my efforts, but there many days that I feel junk food/sweets deprived.  Foods sweetened with figs or dates are delicious, but they don’t always satisfy my sweet tooth.  Intellectually I know the importance of losing weight, plus the benefits and relief to my joints I will gain, if I do lose weight, yet I’m still chubby!

I believe my biggest problem is, I read too much, and am constantly changing my weight loss game plan.  Last night while I was thinking about how I was going to attack my weight loss, I thought about a 7-year-old Mary Ann! Mary Ann 6 years - 1 After being so proud and excited about making my First Communion, I spent hours looking over the pocketbook the school gave the girls.  It contained rosary beads, a scapula, and most importantly a girl’s version mass book.  In the back cover of the book, there was an explanation about visiting the confessional, and categories of sins to confess.  During my post Communion confession, I couldn’t remember any sins I had committed that week, so I made some up and just figured I’d add my lie to next week’s confession.  So I wouldn’t make the same mistake of not remembering my sins, I started to write all the infractions I was making during the week, not forgetting to add last week’s lie to my list. 

Armed with this list in hand and my brothers Boy Scout pen light, I walked up the hill to church for confession.  What a shock that priest had when I fired up the pen light and began.  I was instructed to throw some light on the deepest reaches of my soul and the Father McCarthy was not impressed, I think he went catatonic! It was definitely not a good idea to set off a pen light in a confessional, but I also realized I would have had a successful confession if I was allowed to continue, only because of my well thought out list. It occurred to me that I was approaching my weight journey in the wrong way.  It couldn’t be a day/week on, day/week off commitment, and the only way I would be successful in reshaping my eating habits was to be accountable!  I can’t change the amount of time it is going to take getting into shape, so I am going to do, not think about what I should be doing!Father McCarthy - 1

Take this as a warning, that on my blog, you will occasionally be subjected to an account of my weight loss journey!  I whole-heartedly intend to log my progress, stay committed to my goals, and keep a food journal, and most importantly, not eat Funny Bones for breakfast, lunch, & dinner! 

XO - 1