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January 3, 2017

2017-Here I Come!

Last week’s blog was a short tongue and check entry of why New Year’s Resolution have eluded me, that contained a few jokey tidbits that I will work on in 2017!  But in reality, treating rheumatoid arthritis, has been a humbling experience.  What I do recognize is that, in spite of rheumatoid arthritis, 2016 was a wonderful year and I have many wonderful things to look forward to in 2017! The things that hopefully will continue to be a constant in my life are not the cheeky resolutions I’ve stated in my previous blog, but the continued support of the people who surround me and support my lifestyle which is sometimes dictated by rheumatoid arthritis.  So instead of thinking that not having resolutions are maybe a sign of a shallow outlook on life, I choose to recognize all the individuals that allow me to continue my life with “Style & Flare”!

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” – G.B. Stern

♥For all the help & support each and everyday, it would be unbearable to hike this road without my Buzz & SP!

♥For all my friends and family that understand and accept my newly acquired lifestyle and the glitches that sometimes happen, they continue unfazed and supportive!  

Irene, Carla, Leslie, Paul, Stella, Kelly, Sandy, Joanie, Tre, Val, Cara, Jackie S., Jackie N., Elise, DeeDee, John, Joy, Willie, Jeff S., Diane, Scarlet, Becca, David, Ryan, Alex, CMS, and my Kimmie!  

♥For Dr. Mark Fisher,MGH, for treating and patiently educating me about RA.  Dr. Fisher’s expertise and guidance has brought me to a level that allows me to conduct periodic appointments electronically.  I am grateful for this and his remarkable ability to timely answer any of my questions and concerns by email, in record time.  

♥Thank you to Kayla, David, and all the technicians at Rite Aid pharmacy that greet me by name and pull my order when they see me coming! 

♥For Debby Votta of  Fresh Face Skincare Center, my esthetician, works miracles with her facial treatments. I not only look better, I feel like a million bucks after a treatment with her.  I appreciate her honesty and skill!

♥For Lynn DaPont of Hair, Heart & Soul, my hair stylist that has returned the results of hair loss, into a healthy and full head of hair.(with help of a medication reduction)  Lynn cut my hair, used ammonia free color, and diligently styled it as it grew out, the results are remarkable. 

♥For my readers, I sincerely appreciate your support and comments and look forward to interacting with you during 2017!

It was cathartic acknowledging all the individuals responsible for making 2016 a great year. As soon as this goes to print, I believe I will realize many others, and I am sorry for the omission.  I’m looking forward  to 2017, and it being a banner year!  You can never go wrong by surrounding yourself with family, friends, and competent professionals!  I wish all, a healthy and prosperous “New Year”!