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February 7, 2017


It’s been my experience, especially since being diagnosed with RA, the cold of winter can inflict damage on fingers and hands, as well as making your face look weather-beaten. Even though I already have plenty of product, I’m always scouting out the best winter regime I should be following.  Last fall I purchased many Sephora brand products and religiously used them daily, bi-weekly, or weekly for approximately 12+ weeks.  The reason I stuck with this regime was that it takes approximately a month to realize the benefit of a product, the benefit won’t be visible until a full cycle of skin cell turnover takes place.  In addition to the Sephora products, I found two dry shampoos that do not make my dry hair even drier, and a body cream containing argan oil.  Here are my impressions of the products I purchased in early October.  

Winter cold and dry air always takes its toll on my eye and lip area.  Since I cannot go and get facials as much as I would like to, I used the eye mask and lip mask twice a week. The Shea lip mask had a difficult application.  I have a good size lip area, but the mask not only covered the lip, it covered a large surrounding area.  I don’t believe that was a bad thing, but it was messy.  You keep the mask on for 15 minutes, then remove the sheet, and your left with some excess that you are instructed to massage into your skin.  For $3.00 per application, it is a good value and it will moisturize and hydrate your lips.

The Pearl eye mask proved to be another challenge to apply and position the patches under each eye area.  The eye mask moisturized and hydrated my eye area, but don’t expect this eye mask to reduce fine lines or reduce puffiness.  You also have to be careful when you gently massage the excess product under your eyes, really sensitive after the treatment. For $5.oo per application, it is a good value, for a temporary fix.   I don’t think I’d do this again, I will make the appointment to see Debby Votta, and have my skin care needs addressed, professionally.  I had better results with the Argan hand mask and the Lavender foot mask.  The hand mask, costing $6.00 an application was pretty fun.  It is one pair of disposable non-drip, coated gloves. Supposedly, the skin enhancing benefit of these gloves are anti-aging and evenness of color.  I didn’t notice my hands looking better, but they felt more supple and hydrated for a few days.  It didn’t seem to have any longterm benefits other than the relaxing nature, for 15 minutes the gloves are on.  

The Lavender foot mask was pretty spiffy!  The disposable socks that you soak in for 20 minutes smelled great and felt wonderful while on.  For $5.00 an experience, it was well worth it.  I felt relaxed and it alleviated the minor aches for the time my feet were in the socks.  I don’t believe it had any long-term benefits, but I thoroughly enjoyed this product. Sometimes I think that’s what I sometimes need, a break from RA symptoms and some pampering!

The two dry shampoos were good.  My shampoo/conditioner of choice for quite a while, has been Living proof, so I was interested in trying the Perfect hair Day dry shampoo.  I don’t use dry shampoo to absorb oils between shampooing, I use the dry shampoo to refresh my hair between shampoos.  Perfect hair did the the trick, I finger the product through my hair and brush, this is a good product but left my hair heavily scented, not in a bad way, just a strong fragrance.  Good product, but when compared to the Klorane dry shampoo, there is no comparison.  Klorane is the superior product.  It not only works as a dry shampoo should, absorbing excess oil from hair, it adds volume and texture to your hair after application and leaves your hair looking healthy and smelling fresh and clean.  

Lastly, I’ve added another Josie Maran products to my repertoire of favorite beauty products.  The Josie Maran DIVINE Drip Honey Butter Balm in Pure Honey is remarkable, the best body moisturizer I’ve used to date.  I apply this product onto slightly damp skin after showering, it soaks quickly into my skin leaving me with soft and moisturized skin, without being sticky.  There is no sign of residue on my towels, my skin, which is normally dry, looks healthy, and smells delicious,  another Josie Maran keeper!  

As I stated earlier, it takes time for skin care products to show their benefits.  A products benefit won’t be visible until a full cycle of skin cell turnover takes place.  I sometimes think I’m searching for the perfect, be all to end all products, that would okay if my skin stayed the same year in and year out, so my search is always ongoing.    As weather changes, and medication changes, my skin care products will have to change according to my skin’s condition and needs.  Be well!  


February 2, 2017

RA Awareness Day