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April 2, 2017


Given the benefit of hindsight, the style choices I made were never dependent on any medical considerations.   It is rather sad that until a name is attached to the way you feel, some of us don’t listen and adjust, not only our lifestyle, but our fashionality!  Late to the game, I realized that few most of my handbags, excluding my Longchamp Shoulder Tote were workable parts of my wardrobe.  The hunt began, three years ago, to procure a few bags that were not “Painfully Stylish”.  

Even though I have purchased and resold many handbags that I felt would meet my standard of usability, there are only two that I believe are worthy of mention, and daily use. The two bags I’ve included are both different, yet have all the desirable elements that I believe make them good choices.

My first successful purchase was a Strathberry of Scotland Tote  in the color Ruby.  I found this bag on Kickstarter*, and loved the unusual closure design.  The singular handle and bar closure really intrigued me, so I pledged, and received the bag four months later, to my delight!  This is a gorgeous, handcrafted leather bag of incredible quality.  Important elements for me are that the bag stands up by itself, it is structured, has a detachable/adjustable shoulder strap, and is light in weight.  This bag not only met all the required elements it surpassed them, the singular handle and bar closure keep the bag secure and the magnetic top seam insures privacy.  The large opening of the bag’s main compartment allows easy visibility into the bag, with one open and one zipped pocket within.  Sometimes you need a little tszuj of color in your outfit and this ruby-red bag certainly packs a wallop!   

Only a few months ago I purchased a DKNY Greenwich Smooth Leather Satchel, online. I wanted a dedicated work satchel that was light and manageable.  DKNY reveals very few details, such as color, dimensions, and weight in their descriptions.  I emailed an inquiry to DKNY about the details and received no reply, so I ordered the bag.  I did so because it was on sale for less than half the original price and quantities were low.  This bag arrives and I’m in love!  

I still hadn’t heard from DKNY, and the only questions still looming is the color, is it brown and black or maroon and black?  I didn’t care, it is just what I needed, round top handles, detachable/adjustable shoulder strap, large main compartment,  two open and one zipped pocket within, and the best is the duel front zip pocket.  All these things make life easier on days that are difficult.  That duel front zip pocket was an element I never put much value on until I found its use.  I keep all work items in this pocket, ID/Entrance Key, classroom key, and telephone, I never need to open my bag during the day, a game changer on particularly painful days.  When the school year is over, I intend to stuff the bag, and place it on a shelf until September. 

Choosing a bag that is stylish and doesn’t cause you to exert quite a bit of energy to use, is a challenge.  I do not want to choose function over fashion,  I intend to have both!  So the hunt will continue to scout out the best mainstream products.


*Kickstarter is an American public-benefit corporation based in Brooklyn, New York, that maintains a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity. The company’s stated mission is to “help bring creative projects to life”. Kickstarter has reportedly received more than $1.9 billion in pledges from 9.4 million backers to fund 257,000 creative projects, such as films, music, stage shows, comics, journalism, video games, technology and food-related projects.

People who back Kickstarter projects are offered tangible rewards and/or experiences in exchange for their pledges. This model traces its roots to subscription model of arts patronage, where artists would go directly to their audiences to fund their work. From Wikipedia