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October 31, 2017

Time Management and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Life before the RA diagnosis consisted of non-scheduled activities that fit into a few desirable categories that revolved around my work schedule.  My work schedule is carved in stone, but all other time was dedicated to socializing, going places, and recreational shopping.  Any time left over was used for addressing household responsibilities that I begrudgingly did.  

Well times are different now, life with RA not only alters your outlook on life, it controls how you spend your time.  Experiencing varying levels of daily fatigue, I possess a heightened awareness of how and what I do with my time and how I treat myself and time itself.  Now, I measure how much time I spend, and what results come of this time.  I will not waste time on unproductive thoughts, conversations, and activities.  I create time blocks that may include meal planning, med management, and meditation.  Socializing, going places, and recreational shopping are still a part of my life, yet, since my RA diagnosis I’ve come to appreciate my time spent on self-care and self-preservation.  Some people may lament and think they were dealt an unfair hand, well life gave me a bowl of lemons, and now I make the best sorbet!   Be well & have a great week!

The Great Gale of October 2017

Firemen cutting their way out of my street.  3am

The aftermath!

Clean up complete!  Mission accomplished!

October 31, 2017






Have a “spook” tacular time!  Mary Ann

October 24, 2017

I Didn’t Get the Memo!!!!!!!

It has occurred to me that I am out of the loop in relationship to the holiday of “Halloween”!   Growing up in Boston, it was always freezing cold and we wore our winter coats under our store-bought costume.  Nothing was over the top, it was a short jaunt around the neighborhood trick-or-treating, and early to bed! My friends and I quit the trick-or-treating in the 4th grade, and looked forward to have November 1st off each year, in observation of All Saints Day!

Lately I have noticed the way Halloween has been turned into just another commercial come-on.  Homes are decorated to the nines and the decorations are no longer pumpkins on the porch, or a scarecrow here and there.  People are spending ghoulish amounts of money, not only to frighten us, but to compete with their neighbors.  I didn’t get the memo!  When did Halloween become the warm up for the upcoming winter holidays?  It occurred to me, Halloween has become corrupted by greed.  With all the displays in the stores before Labor Day and decorations spilling out of front yard graveyards, trick-or-treating is just one of the components of this commercialized holiday. It’s turning into a monthlong holiday with pop-up stores selling costumes, decorations, and Halloween makeup.  It’s no longer a simple holiday, some of the decorations and costumes are downright frightening.  

I may long for a simpler time, and not be part of the commercialism of Halloween, but I surely enjoy everyone’s efforts as you can see in my snapshots. Have a great week!





October 17, 2017

Box of Style Fall 2017

There is nothing better than answering a knock at the door and finding The Zoe Report Box of Style. This is a quarterly lifestyle and fashion subscription box I now eagerly await its arrival. The unadorned magnetic box opens to a mini mag and six individually wrapped items. Receiving this box is reminiscent to childhood Christmas mornings, opening presents you didn’t ask for, but immediately love. The fall box did not disappoint!


GiGi New York Rachel Convertible Clutch: Retail Value $195

A navy clutch that can be hand-held, used with the leather strap allowing it to be worn on the shoulder or cross body, and when fully opened, used as a 13” laptop sleeve. A smart everyday bag!

La Soula Two Diamond Rings: Retail Value $176

These are adjustable bands that are made of 14K Gold Plated Brass. The sizing is based on a size 6 ring and can be stacked or worn alone. Before being sent this box, I was given a choice of metal color preference. I chose the yellow and am not disappointed. As a non Rhode Island native, I was happy to now own these rings knowing they were created by Kimberly DeTomasis, born and raised in Providence, RI.

Odeme Gold Catchall Tray: Retail Value $45

A snazzy tray that can accommodate keys, cosmetics, or anything you like. What a surprise it was to see this tray, something very different from my conservative surroundings, it really stands out on my bureau and makes me smile. It is so not me, yet fits in beautifully.

Skinesque 3-Step Brightening + Charcoal Mask: Retail Value $35

There are five mask treatments in this box. Each treatment has three steps, cleansing, hydration, & a brightening charcoal mask. I was never a fan of paper masks, but I did notice a brightness to my complexion after the first use, and have a new-found affection for them.

NUDESTIX Pulse Gel Color Lip & Cheek Balm: Retail Value $24

Love, love, love this product that I had never heard of before. A perfect fall light figgy color( PULSE), perfect for autumn. In love with the mirrored container and sharpener enclosed. I’ve used this product daily since receiving my box, and am smitten with it.

Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream: Retail Value $52

Never used a Oribe product that I didn’t love! So thrilled to find this leave-in conditioner in my box, immediately used it on damp hair and later in the week on dry hair to control fly-aways. It works, all Oribe product I’ve tried work, but they are so expensive.

When trying new things in life you are never guaranteed they are going to work out, but when it does work out, my doesn’t it feel great!  I am so pleased I gave this subscription service a try, and haven’t been disappointed in the three boxes I’ve received.  This may be the beginning of a longterm relationship!  Have a great week!



October 10, 2017

Just an Opinion!

Last week, Tuesday, October 2nd, to be exact, I was hit with a heavy metal door exiting work.  I went home, iced my arm/shoulder, and went to work the next day.  Swelling and pain skyrocketed, forcing me to visit a walk-in clinic.  Luckily, there was no break, a cross body sling, muscle relaxers, and rest were the doctor’s directives.  So, I’ve taken it easy, arm in sling, propped up in bed with a multitude of pillows, navigating the world-wide web!  I’ve read incessantly and now believe I have earned the title of “largest reciprocal of useless information.”

During my online perusal of different topics I gravitated to sites that I hoped would improve my life and standard of living.  What I uncovered was a multitude of articles that seemed silly and foolish, so I had to investigate.  There is much hype surrounding “living your best life” and  “being your authentic self.”  Some of these articles were written by psychiatrists and the likes of Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Huffpost, the list went on and on! These  must be hot topics, and I wasn’t in the loop, yet!  So I read as many articles that I needed in order to form this educated opinion.

All of the articles were slightly different in the number of steps involved in “living your best life” as well as tips, quotes to help you accomplish this feat.  In a nutshell,  one would give best effort into everything you attempt, be present in the moment, and derive satisfaction in the life you live.  Living a minimalistic life can also contribute to “living your best life.”  I felt by reading articles about “being your authentic self” that it was clearer in defining what you need to do to be “your authentic self.”  One should  never define themselves by occupation, marital status, social status, or where you live.  What makes you authentic is you and your uniqueness and ability to be your “authentic self,” not what you think others require of you.  You don’t require sympathy, affection, or approval of others.  

I found much of what I read suspect.  It would be extremely difficult for me to live “my best life” or to “being my authentic self.”  Like many others I am first and foremost committed to myself and my happiness, but need to navigate the realities of the world I live in, which requires me quite often to respond and act differently than I would like.  

Much of what I read must be taken with a grain of salt.  If I really bought into the checklist and reasoning behind “living your best life” or “being your authentic self”, I would be neither.  I would be the generic individual who is following others to achieve a lifestyle that is set by their criteria and not my needs!  I’ll continue being my genuine self by using common sense when sharing honestly with what I feel, as well as appreciating the opinions of others!  I hope my arm heals quickly because I don’t have many more days of recuperation left in my authentic self!  Be well!