August 14, 2018

Back In The Swing Of Things!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted, and I’ve missed it!  I needed time to work on healing my shoulder, since the surgery.  Physical therapy has been going smoothly, but knocks me out after each visit.  So I’ve stayed local, and took it easy except for one outing to a concert in Boston.  The concert was fabulous! It featured The Thompson Twin, B 52’s, and Culture Club.  We decided to book a room last-minute, and stayed at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.  

The venue was at the Music Hall, currently named Boch Center.

The Thompson Twins act was electric, but could not compare to the other two bands.  It was a fun time, great music, and many familiar faces from home.  

When you feel good and think you can accomplish anything you set out to do, you forget about your chronic illness.  The idea behind staying overnight in Boston was to preserve optimum health and have a great time.  Unable to book a room in my regular haunts led us to the Sheraton Boston Hotel.  This Sheraton boasts 1220 rooms, and I believe it!  The lobby was the hub of loud confusion and groups, similar to a drop off at a large summer camp.  What was particularly concerning was the putting green set up in the middle of the lobby with balls not contained within the green.  Wow, I got nervous, I walked with my head down, navigating the “young uns” running around, and avoiding lost golf balls.  I learned a great lesson through this adversity.   It is not only the disease that can rage its’ ugly head, but the predicaments you place yourself in, may also have adverse affects on you.  

My first impression of the room was satisfactory.  We left and ate dinner and returned to get ready for the concert.  The dim lighting in the room, forced us to keep the curtains open and allowed the constructions workers, from the building across the street,  the opportunity to monitor our every move.  I gathered my clothes and retreated to the bathroom to shower and dress and was met with an unrelenting small doorway and a toilet that I estimated to be no more than 12″ from the floor.


The bathroom was clean, but difficult to navigate as you notice the position of the door, blocking the bath and much too close to the sink, you had to adjust your movements in an effort to not bang into things.


It is not my intention to bash this hotel, it is a reminder that even when you feel great, you still must take into account your needs that allow you to be comfortable at home and away from home.  After a great night, we retreated to this room by the elevator and ice machine, that was on the direct route of the guests that were still enjoying the night as they walked by our room in the early hours of the morning.  

I hope this cautionary tale can help you.  Feeling healthy leads us to make spontaneous decisions. And that’s such a relief for me to feel that way!  However, when over night accommodations are needed, it might be best to forego that last-minute decision if the tried and true hotels are not available.  



  1. JACKIE SENICH says:

    Great to have you back. Loved the update!! Travelling is hard, sometimes you get a hotel that just isn’t that great. I’m sorry it wasn’t the best. But the good news is that you’re able to start enjoying life and that your physical problems aren’t holding you back.