February 27, 2018

Birchbox Wrap Up!

My yearly subscription to the monthly Birchbox service, has come to an end!  I will no longer receive 4 or 5 beauty samples each month, and I still wonder how I fell for such a wasteful experience!  Just a reminder, many of the samples they sent could be obtained by a visit to any makeup counter or Sephora location.  Theoretically, the service seemed worthwhile until I was flooded with an inordinate number of eye pencils, liquid lipsticks, BB/CC creams, and small vials of fragrances.  As not to completely discount some of the products I’ve been introduced to throughout the year, I’ve compiled a list of products that I believe were outstanding, but I would eventually have found them without paying to try them.  If I had stayed the course by reading reviews and trying products that fit my personal preferences, my money would have been better spent.  

benefit Roller Lash Mascara has proved to be a welcome addition in my cosmetic case.  This mascara applies evenly without flaking or smudging and is easy to remove.  What set it apart from my decades use of Maybelline mascaras was the ease of use to define a daytime natural look, no more applying and re-applying!

Living proof® hair products all proved to be outstanding. From the shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo, and styling products, all were exceptional.

R+CO Blowout Balm and Thickening Spray were surprisingly outstanding, as well as the Badlands Dry Shampoo.  I had never heard of this product and was really impressed with the results obtained.

-Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and Shine Spray were life changing, when going to work!  I had used the Oribe shampoo and conditioners before and loved them,  but found them to be cost prohibitive.  The Dry Texturizing Spray is well worth the money and I would buy the Shine Spray as a splurge!

The Sunday Riley, Real Chemistry, and davines were quality products that I would buy if I was to change brands.  While compiling the list I realized that there were many products that I liked, but I believe it is better to find a fit for a product you need than to be sent products that may or may not be used.

Sephora has perfected a marketing ploy, when your waiting in line, you walk through a que of smaller packaged products.  These products are there to entice you to buy!  Yet, this is actually an opportunity to try products you are interested in, without the expense of buying the full-size.  I think this is a better option than committing to a yearly subscription service. Your able to pick up the travel size, and make a decision about the quality of the product you want.  It also reduces the waste from being sent products that are of little interest or use to you!  Just a thought!  Have a great week!


  1. Jackie Senich says:

    Great post Mary Ann. I love the little mini size goodies at Sephora.