January 9, 2018

‘Bomb Cyclone’ Really?

Last Wednesday I woke up to the news that we were going to get hit with a ‘bomb cyclone’ in the next day!  Really?  Surprisingly, I had never heard of one even though I consider myself one of the largest receptacles of useless information.  So Sean Patrick and I went to the beach to see if there were any signs of the ominous type of weather to come!  Nothing seemed amiss, it had been frigid and the beach showed signs of the weather!

Wednesday, 4:15 pm, I did not see signs of the impending ‘bomb cyclone’, but I didn’t know what a ‘bomb cyclone’ was.  So I went home to try to make sense of the storm to come.  What I learned was that two meteorologists coined this term,  they had used in a paper they had published.  A ‘bomb cyclone’ are powerful cyclones that get their energy from rapid drops in pressure caused by hot and cold temperatures colliding.  Similar to having rheumatoid arthritis, when there are drops in pressure caused by hot and cold temperatures colliding, I adversely react, in layman’s terms, I’m in a world of hurt.  So I patiently waited for Armageddon to come!

Thursday, 9:32 am, Sean Patrick and I ventured back down to the beach to see what was shaking and it was quickly apparent something was up!

By the floating ice, it was apparent the temperature was increasing and it started to snow!

Wednesday, 1:45 pm, we headed back down to the beach to see what was shaking, but we didn’t get very far!

The wind was whipping the snow around and it was cold!  I settled in at home and watched the weather from the comfort of a cozy armchair.  

Friday, 11:31 am, Sean Patrick went out and checked to see if the coast was clear!

After waiting for the walkway to be shoveled, we were able to escape!

Making our way to the beach we were met with cyclonic weather!

The visual display of snow being whipped in many directions was challenged by the water slamming into the shore.  It was quite a sight, but the bitter cold sent us fleeing for the comfort of central heating.

It was a fun and interesting few days, but I am happy the temperature has finally risen and I’m able to get my feet back into my shoes! (Insider RA joke)  

Hoping everyone that was affected by this storm faired well, and wishing all a great week!



  1. I’m glad you all made it through the storm

  2. Great pictures!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!