November 1, 2016

Don’t Be Fooled!

Last night was an enjoyable evening walking around the neighborhood, looking at all the Halloween decorations, and enjoying another autumn evening.  Yet, this past weekend at the pharmacy and grocery store, I was visually overloaded with a not so subtle reminder that Christmas is around the corner, approximately 8 weeks away!  If that wasn’t a challenge to my balance, knowing that I only have one half of my Christmas cards written out, and I haven’t created my holiday season that I want to have!

Last year’s Christmas season started out as dismal as can be!  Early December I spent a few days in a hospital for pain management while awaiting my December 21st, right hip replacement.  I didn’t participate in any festive activities other than watching  Jeff gradually decorate our home.  He did a great job, yet I was not in the holiday spirit. 

I returned home from the surgery on December 24th, slept and awoke Christmas Day feeling great!  I won’t bore you with details of my holiday week, but let it be known that it was one of the nicest Christmases I’ve had in years.  From this I learned how the stresses of the holiday season may limit your  enjoyment of the most wonderful time of the year.   I hadn’t participated in any merrymaking, sent cards, nor purchase any presents.  I didn’t cook or bake and wasn’t in a position to worry about it!  Yet, it was a wonderful Christmas and New Year staying home and truly appreciating the magic of the season.

This brings me to the central point of today’s blog post. Today, I am healthier, then I have been in years, yet feel no need to resume holiday activities I so enjoyed prior to 2011.  It occurred to me that many of the holiday habitual activities, had little to do with the holiday, but were a result of radio and television advertisements that were creating meaning for everyday products specifically marketed to make ones holiday festive, not necessarily meaningful.  I would never pish-pish anyone’s desire to create a magical time of the year, but I learned, not by choice, that holidays are most meaningful when you feel great and are with the people you love most!  

Here are a few of the things I hope to do this holiday season:

-Don’t take on more than you can do.

-Don’t abandon healthy habits. (diet & exercise)

-Think about what’s worked on previous holidays and dismiss tedious/laborious activities.

I think you get the gist of what I’m trying to say, all the material trappings did not contribute to my wonderful Christmas.  What made my last Christmas so remarkable was my improved health, wonderful family and friends, and realistic expectations rather than what could or should be according to the hype and media that surrounds the holidays!

My Week in Pictures!


img_1203 img_1205


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October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!


Where there is no imagination there is no horror. – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.






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September 6, 2016

Labor Day Lament!


 Even though the first day of Fall is not until September 22nd, Labor Day officially marks the end of summer for me!  Today, I start my school year, and every weekend or day off from today, will be dedicated to preparing the house for winter, and anticipating the upcoming holidays.  It is mind-boggling to know that Thanksgiving is 11 weekends away and Christmas is 15 weekends away.  So in celebration of a beautiful, fun, and recuperative summer, I will share some of my summer highlights in pictures with you!

June 17th was the day I had a hip replacement.  My first outing was a doctor’s visit to MGH!

IMG_0880 IMG_0945

It wasn’t long after this visit that Jeff and I visited our favorite clam shack, & began our 4th of July celebrations, officially starting a great vacation!

IMG_0901 (1) IMG_0897

It was a great time at Diane & John’s on the 4th!

  IMG_0546 IMG_0570

sean patrick - 1

As time went by I healed, I walked the neighborhood meeting neighbors,

Chris & Keri

Chris 1 - 1

Danielle & Mabel

Mabel - 1


and admiring the unique lawn ornaments, flowers, & grasses!                    



But the highlight of my summer vacation was the company I had!  It was great having Auntie Millie, Uncle Joe, and cousins Joanie & Paul visit!  FUN!!!!


It was wonderful to meet my beautiful great-niece, Isabelle, born in June, hang with Whitaker my very handsome great-nephew, & my Carla, whom I adore! 

  IMG_0772 IMG_0784

IMG_0783 (1)

Monotonous chores are easily accomplished when you add a visit with the horses, a bouquet of flowers, and picking up produce at 4 Town Farm.




Summer coming to a close, I will definitely miss staying up to all hours of the night reading and just looking at the sky and being mesmerized by the full moons every 27 days or so!





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July 3, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Mr. Potatoe Head - 1

Wishing everyone a great Independence Day!  Today we honor everyone that has fought for our country and freedom, both living and dead.  Hope your 4th of July sparkles with remembrance and appreciation!

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May 29, 2016

Today We Remember!

memorial day flag - 1

Let us remember and honor all military members who died in the service of our country, this Memorial Day and always!

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