June 26, 2018

Comfort & Joy!

It’s not Christmas, but it sure feels like it!  If there ever could be a positive reason associated to treating RA, it’s that you try many products in an effort to find ones that will accommodate your condition.  I hit the mother load approximately 5 weeks ago, shoes I had thoroughly researched and ordered, had arrived. Purchasing footwear has been a dilemma because of the RA flares I experience in my feet.  The flares are not constant but regularly affect how I walk and feel when they are present.  There are only a few pair of shoes that I am able to wear during a flare.  So with great enthusiasm I wore my new shoes for the last 5 weeks nonstop.  Here is my experience with these two pairs of shoes that were absolutely comfortable on good days and not so good days.

allbirds Wool Lounger

They look like something Grandpa Puchalski wore in the house, they look like slippers!  What sets them apart from slippers is that they are made of soft merino wool, breathable, supportive, and wonderfully functional and comfortable.  I wore these shoes with and without socks, and washed (in a machine as advised) them after wearing them for three weeks usually without socks.  Normally, the shoe naturally wicks moisture away, yet was unable to handle the Coke Zero I dropped on them.  I believe the Lounger shoe looked neat with jeans and a summer t-shirt dress.  The shoe conforms to your foot shape, and did not cause any friction during flares.  They don’t come in many colors, but if you look online they have seasonal colors in addition to the gray and black regular choices.  A comfy choice at $95 a pair with no shipping fee.  The return policy is 30 days.

tieks by Gavrieli Ballet Flats

Similar to the allbirds Lounger, the tieks Ballet Flats conform/mold to your feet making them equally comfortable.  There are so many colors to choose from, I chose the Pacific Green, not really a good summer color, but great with jeans.  The flat has a split, non-skid, outer sole and a flexible midsole which allows the shoe to fold.  I was ecstatic for another pair of shoes that required no break in period that I wore for hours the first time out.  I attribute the comfort level to the soft leather and cushioned back.  I probably will not buy other flats after my experience with these.  They are neat and tidy looking and the only negative that I can think of is the price.  At $175, I thought they were on the high side but will reserve final judgement until their demise.  They may seem as if they are an extravagance, but when comfort is fleeting in most shoes, I had to give it a go and have no regrets.  Hopefully they will last beyond my formative years.   

Have a great week and I’ll continue to be on the lookout for comfort and joy!


  1. JACKIE SENICH says:

    Nice post MA. It’s great to get a pair of shoes that makes your feet feel great. Keep the coke zero away from those tieks!!!


  2. More great information shared!!!