November 28, 2017

Count Your Blessings!

Last Thursday as I was thoroughly enjoying our Thanksgiving feast,  I began to think about all the things I was grateful for. Living with a chronic pain makes it extremely difficult to stay positive and be able to express gratitude; rheumatoid arthritis and gratitude don’t seem to mix.  I continued to eat and think about the hardships the Pilgrims experienced, yet they dedicated a day for thanking God for their bounty of food they were blessed with.  What I realized was even though the Pilgrims experienced such hardships in the new world, they still expressed gratitude, leaving me to believe that pain or illnesses don’t necessarily have anything to do with feelings of appreciation. Gratitude  is a feeling of happiness that comes from appreciation.  So, me being treated for a chronic disease should have no bearing on my ability to express gratitude.  Thanksgiving 2017, I am grateful for:

My rheumatologist, for his ability to treat the disease and his efforts to ameliorate my level of pain.  

Sean Patrick, my personal trainer,  whether I’m happy, sad, or in pain, his love is constant and his commitment to me is unyielding.  

Family and friends in my life that stick around during challenging times.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, has made me mentally stronger and aware of my own body and taking good care of it.

Chatter strips on highways, help me stay in my own lane!

The opportunity available, living in a time that I can express my opinions in cyberspace!

The list is long and varied, but when you really put things in perspective, life may not be perfect, but it was never intended to be perfect. Life was intended to be lived and above all appreciated.  Have a great week!  M




  1. Elise Ferrara says:

    Well said!!! Thank you for the words of encouragement.

  2. We are grateful for you.

  3. Great sentiment Mary Ann. I always remind myself that it could be worse.