April 17, 2018

Eat to Live a Better Life!

This week marks the beginning of the fifth month I have been working with Patty Berry, RD. In previous blog posts I’ve shared my progress without sharing the amount of weight, to this day I don’t have an accurate number, and frankly, I don’t care about the number. Living a healthy lifestyle is more than a learning experience, it is more of an awakening! I never realized how many components are involved in eating a healthy diet. It is so much more than portion control, types of food, timing of meals, and food preparation. Eating healthy is a commitment to change, not a temporary change until a desired result is attained, but a commitment to accountable eating habits and maintaining lifestyle changes. I needed to safely change to help manage my chronic condition. It was evident to me that my excess body weight might be increasing inflammation and may also be affecting medication effectiveness. What most impresses me about my growth by working with Patty is the steady improvement of decreasing stiffness and increased mobility. Whether these are attributes of diet or increased exercise, doesn’t really matter, but I’m loving it.

Here are a few of the elements of healthy living I’ve adopted and ways working with Patty has been both challenging and satisfying:

…after our initial conversation, Patty coordinated my specific needs and tailored a food plan not only for my health needs, but more importantly by my food preferences and lifestyle.  

…by regular interaction whether by phone, email, or video conferencing, she consistently helps me with challenges I face eating healthy, at times tweaking my food choices and meal plans, making it work for me.

Patty’s non-judgmental approach to slip ups allows discussion and accountability without sense of failure or of making a mistake.

…the added bonus of working with this dietician is her savvy food shopping experiences, food prep, exercise, and just about anything that will make this experience meaningful and worthwhile.

It feels so good to not be complaining about my weight, just sharing this wonderful experience.  Have a great week!


  1. Mister Bristol says:

    That has to be the most delicious shopping cart ever!
    Nothing but good could come of it.