August 1, 2017


Each and everyday I awake with an expectation that the day will be pain-free, or at least I’ll have manageable pain.  Rheumatoid Arthritis is my reality that I must face each morning, and it continues to be the greatest challenge of my life and the most tedious job!  To manage,  I’ve made  commitments to:

♦exercise regularly;

♦eat healthy and lose weight;

♦structure my life to accommodate RA & its side effects;

adhere to adjustments made on my treatment plan; and 

never give up

Some of the above I’ve realized successes with, while others are a work in progress.  But, my big news is that I’ve been given an appointment at the Benson-Henry Institute For Mind Body Medicine.  At my September appointment I will start my journey in a Stress Management & Resiliency Program structured for helping individuals that have been diagnosed with a medical condition, a chronic condition, or would like to reduce stress.  My excitement in this program does not stem from all the failures that I have experienced in trying to live life at its best, but the concept of being guided by professionals in a joint effort for me to improve my quality of life and hopefully reduce medical symptoms associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  

Sometimes, defeats in life lead us to our successes.  I am hopeful that my acceptance to this program will lead me to acceptance of my condition.


  1. Nichole Vanderbush says:

    Best of luck come September!

    Your outlook on life with RA is truly wonderful.

    • Thank you Nichole, I appreciate your support! I’m having a great time sharing, what I actually experience with the RA, not medical but daily life. I hope you continue to read and be well! Mary Ann