February 21, 2017

Is Makeup Really Good For You?

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think makeup was necessary or good!  I only wanted to wear makeup sparingly, on special occasions or Halloween, because I questioned how good it could be for my skin, since you needed special removers to clean it off your face. Well, being of a certain age; and dealing with the side effects of RA medications, my opinion has changed, I need makeup.  When I wear makeup I not only feel good, I get a boost of confidence that I need on difficult days, so if I feel good, I look good!

I’m extremely self-conscience of facial age spots, what better way to deal with them is to apply a tinted moisturizer containing protection from the sun.  It’s a win-win for me, I’m protecting my skin from the elements and camouflaging my facial imperfections.  I don’t apply makeup to display my physical attractiveness (remember I’m no Spring chicken) and I’m not trying to transform myself into something different from what I am.  I’ve just come to the conclusion, out of necessity that make-up lifts my spirit and makes me look put together and polished.   This being said, I’ve found the silver lining associated with wearing makeup, many products contain ingredients that are good for your skin.  Most of the products I purchase are anti-aging, contain antioxidants, and since they contain sunscreen, I can eliminate one product from my morning ritual.



  1. Jackie Senich says:

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  2. Jackie Senich says:

    Nice post! I need to up the makeup game. You know i’m an amateur.

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  3. Very informative!!!

  4. I will be reading this to my tweens, so curious to explore the make up world.