June 19, 2018

Minimizing Chronic Pain In The Summer Heat!

The heat can exacerbate pain symptoms during the summer months.  For me, the summer has always represented a non-routine time of the year that I savored, until the RA diagnosis.  Hot weather has changed so many of my healthy routines.  I’ve chronicled a pain/weather journal for a few years, and I am traveling head on into summer with strategies to minimize discomfort during the hot summer months.  I’ll share what I intend to do this summer in order to achieve a comfortable and enjoyable summer.

I’ll be scheduling outdoor activities in the early morning or evening to avoid times when the sun is at its strongest intensity.

I’ll not only continue to follow a healthful diet, and eat all the fruits rich in anti-oxidants and inflammation fighting ingredients, looking forward to the peaches and local berries.  I definitely will include cherries in many of my newly acquired recipes due to their pain fighting and inflammation reducing compounds.  Lastly, I will make sure I stay hydrated in the summer when my body requires a higher water intake.

I’ll put to good use all the comfortable footwear and breathable clothing I’ve been purchasing. The proper footwear will hopefully reduce pain due to inflammation from temperature fluctuations, and the breathable clothing will be comfortable and make me feel snazzy in the humid weather.

Finally, I’ll slow down and minimize my exposure to sun and heat while doing daily chores, such as shopping, socializing, and doctor’s appointments.  

In a nutshell, the summer temperatures can be a challenge for everyone, but for people treating for rheumatoid arthritis it can have a detrimental effect on your pain level.  Consideration should also be taken to the drug interactions of ones medication and sun exposure.

Have a great week and here is one of the first signs of summer in my neighborhood!


  1. JACKIE SENICH says:

    Enjoy the summer Mary Ann!!! XOX

  2. Great ideas and wonderful pictures!!!