January 31, 2017

Moving On!

No more sitting at home and waiting for the right time to move on, now is the time!  I’m craving a big adventure, and it is starting now!  Since being diagnosed with RA, I have not been on any vacation that requires air travel.  For the longest time I wanted to get back up and moving, but there was the fear that I may not be able keep up or the travel would spark frustration and pain.  So I’ve been investigating all types of tours and even looked into travel agencies that specialize in, “Travel and Arthritis”.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to create the adventure, and arrangements myself.  I’m not in need of any special access, wheelchair, accommodations, or attendant care, so I’m the only one responsible for me moving on!

I did what I do best, tackle the important parts of the trip first.  I ordered  a new passport cover and card case from Aspinal to travel with!  I narrowed the places I was interested in going to, places that I could take a direct flight from Boston,  Reykjavik, Iceland or London, England.  Both places are beckoning me to visit so I investigated the airlines and their answers to my specific needs when flying.  All I really wanted from any airline I contacted was to know about guaranteed bulk head seating (extra leg room), ability to move around the plane, and help putting carry on into the overhead compartment.  British Airway was contacted and has a priority status whereas I would supply a medical certificate, verifying that what I was requesting was necessary.  The representative also mentioned, when I arrived at airport, assistance is also available, with luggage or ambulatory assistance.  These accommodations are at no additional charge. Icelandair  airline was a whole different story!  They would be more than happy to make the seating accommodation for an additional charge, they couldn’t guarantee the help with the carry-on being put and retrieved from the overhead, but suggested I use a smaller bag and place it under my seat.  I was disappointed with the “try to assist” attitude of Icelandair and the additional fees there, but I am still considering going to either place.  Nothing is set stone yet, I will keep you updated on what I decide!  You may not think what I’m doing is such a big deal, but it is when you have RA!


  1. Jackie Senich says:

    So excited that you’re getting ready to travel. I think being in another place makes life exciting and will give you so many great adventures to look back on! I’m looking forward to how this unfolds!!