October 4, 2016

My Squirreling Ways!

As I often say, anticipating your needs is the best method for dealing with an unpredictable disease, that is Rheumatoid Arthritis!  I’m back to school/work and anticipating the change of season and harsher weather as the norm, not the exception, so I shop.  I will not bore you with the household incidentals that I purchase and could supply an entire army with, but I Christmas shop, and purchase the cosmetics and items I will use during the winter months and holidays.  This post is just the start of my squirreling ways, to ensure a stress free winter! 

I’m betting on good health and many social occasions to attend, (time will tell) so I purchased very basic cosmetics that I investigated this summer.


-By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge #10 Berry Bloom

I’ve purchased many lip balms & hydrating lipsticks, but this is quickly becoming a favorite!  The application was smooth, mainly because of the angled stick and smooth consistency of the lipstick.  Even though this is considered a “Hydra-Balm Fill & Plump Lipstick” it is a full coverage one that doesn’t settle into lip lines.  Great for my mature lips but not for my wallet, but worth it!

-Tom Ford Lip Color #46 Something Wild

It was questionable when I purchased this $53 lipstick whether I should have my head examined or not.  I’m always looking for the best product and take all recommendations as gospel, a mistake.  I have nothing negative to say about this lipstick other than the shade did not work for me.  It is a creamy, build-able  lipstick of coral/pink color.  I figured it would be a good autumn/winter shade, but it disappeared on my lips.  It was not particularly hydrating but it wore beautifully and did not dry my lips.  If I should win the lottery any day soon, I would try another shade!  

-Sisley-Paris Photo-RougeHydrating Long Lasting Lipstick

I wanted to love this product, and the reason I sent it back was because the color photo was darker than what arrived.  I did try it, it glided on smoothly, was long wearing, and it didn’t bleed into my lip lines.  I thought I was purchasing a Pink Flamingo color, it was weirdly similar to the Tom Ford shade that I described above.  The names are deceiving, Tom Ford is a medium-dark pink-coral and the Sisley is pink, yet they appear to be similar.  I will repurchase a Sisley lip color, I loved the texture and feel on my lips. 


-Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I don’t even know if it works, I just love the name.  It’s a body cream that helps tighten and smooth the look of skin.  It’s labeled that it contains no parabens or phthalates, thats good!  The cream absorbs quickly and leaves no oily residue.  I purchased the small container, what a mistake.  This is my new after bath body cream, I just love the smell.  What would make it even better is, if it would tighten and smooth the look of my skin.  Time will tell and I can only hope!

—La Mer “the reparative skintint”  (I call it; “my tinted moisturizer”)

I love this product!  Directions say that you should apply after moisturizing, I don’t, I use this as my first line of defense.  It is a sheer tint that is creamy and is great for everyday use.  I like it for work, I don’t like to look made up, I just want to look better than I usually do when I wake up. 

-Becca Beach Tint Fig

This was recommended to me by a salesperson at a cosmetic counter, after I asked for a cream blush.  She suggested this tint and told me to get it at Sephora, and I did!  I’ve been using this product for over a month and find it to be as good as described.  First off, I love it because it is sans parabens and is enriched with antioxidants and vitamin E, which soothes your skin.  The creamy texture is easy to apply and blends quickly.  It is a build-able blush and has a staying power, great for work!

-Smith & Cult N01-Pillow Pie

This is the second Smith & Cult nail polish I have used.  Pillow Pie is a semi-sheer finish pink polish.  The reason I like the two shades I have purchased is the unique neutral colors that do not chip easily.  The polish is also free of formaldehyde, toluene, & dibutyl and hopefully that is a good thing because I only know what formaldehyde is and only want to be in contact with it when I’m dead!  

In coming weeks, I will continue to share the things that make my life with RA more bearable!

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  1. C Ski, Ph.D. says:

    I would love a post on finding the right lip shades for women with dirty blonde hair (as we both have). I would also like to request at some point you share how the weather & seasons impact your pain, mood and overall health. I look forward to your weekly post and especially your reviews and photos! It brings my mood up every time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the Brazilian Bum creme!!

  3. Very informative, well written and researched, can I have the products that don’t work for you?? lol

  4. Awesome article!!! Keep them coming!!!