July 22, 2016

New Decade, New Lifestyle


When Generation X turned 30, there wasn’t any fanfare, let alone “Dirty Thirty” parties. The most memorable parts of my 30th were extreme fatigue and joint pain. At first I thought it was a bug (it was January after all). Then I thought maybe it’s all in my head. At the prompting my husband, I went to an immunologist. I was tested for everything from cancer to Lupus and everything in between. When my lab work came by my liver enzymes were through the roof, and my Epstein Barr titers were elevated. With my diagnosis of Epstein Barr virus and fibromyalgia, I began a journey of recovery that in many ways continues today. I was shocked with my specialist told me to exercise. Are you insane?!!?! I can barely get out of bed, showered and dressed to make my appointments here, and you want me to exercise ?? I was put out of work for 9 months, was unable to drive, and embarked on a journey of getting the best out of chronic illness and not letting it get the best of me. It was my goal to live up to my new motto: Joy Always.