April 4, 2017


In a previous blog post, Cold Weather Skincare Update!   I shared my impressions of the Sephora Mask Products that I used. I felt that all the products lived up to their intended purpose, and were reasonably priced.  Recently, I came upon some great new products that are considerably less expensive and just as effective or better, by Daylogic and Yes. Daylogic, is a personal care and beauty product line exclusively available at Rite Aid  for a price of $2.99 per application. What a bargain? I selected four to try.  What impressed me most about the product was the packaging, the easy readability, and easy to locate information that would prompt you to purchase the product was front and center.  All individual packets are labeled on top with the amount of time needed for results.  Packing is also clearly labeled with the type of mask it is, what the mask will do, and what it contains and does not contain.  For the price, I had nothing to lose!  I also purchased two Yes masks that I had read about for the same price, these are my impressions of the six products I’ve purchased repeatedly over the previous month!

 Daylogic Rejuvenate Facial Creme Mask

Onto a clean face, apply a thin, even, layer of the mask onto your face avoiding eyes and lips. Leave mask on for 15 minutes (I left it on longer, it felt good!), then rinse with water.  The mask is creamy and has a slight pleasant scent.  I have combination dry skin, I felt the mask was moisturizing and left my smooth and refreshed.  Definitely worth the $2.99.

Daylogic Glow Facial Peel Off Mask 

This mask is intended to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, as well as removing excess dirt and oil with purifying tea tree extract, revealing a more refined complexion.  I really don’t know the difference between tea tree extract or tea tree oil, I only know that this facial peel is sulfate, paraben & artificial dye free, but it is not a natural product.  I do know that masks and other products that contain tea tree oil that I have read about, are considerably more expensive than this product.  I do know that I had no adverse reaction from using this product on my extremely sensitive skin.  This clear gel, that I sparingly applied, peeled off 20+ minutes later left my skin smooth and refreshed.  

Daylogic Bright Eyes Gel Eye Mask

Unlike the Sephora eye/lip paper masks, the Daylogic product is a gel patch that was much easier to apply, and it was not messy in any way!  There is a slight pleasant scent to this mask even though it is labeled as fragrance free.  When the mask was removed, I was pleasantly surprised with positive results, it definitely diminished my dark circles around my eyes.  I use this mask at least twice per week.

Daylogic Illuminate Gel Eye Mask

The gel eye mask magically reduces under eye puffiness.  I use this product on the occasions of the morning after a difficult time staying asleep due to pain.  It could be a combination of starting as such a distressed point that this product is so remarkable or that it just is, you be the judge!


Yes to Coconut Hydrate & Restore Paper Mask & Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Detoxifying       Charcoal Paper Mask

Paper masks are not my favorite, but the reasonable price and the enticement of detoxifying my skin with charcoal was reason enough to give the Yes masks a whirl!  I started off with the coconut ultra hydrating paper mask because I was particularly dry that day.  I was not impressed with the coconut hydrate mask, it began to feel uncomfortable within minutes, was not positioned properly on my face, it was an annoying experience.  I didn’t keep it on my face long enough to have an opinion about the mask!  A few days later I read/reread the directions on the Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask before the application.  I felt the tingling, but left the mask on.  I was not distracted by the tingling feeling because I carefully applied the mask, and before I knew it, the tingling subsided.  When the mask was removed I was left with a ruddy complexion and unimpressed with both of these products.

I have no regrets trying these new products!  I know I’ll probably never purchase another Yes mask, but I do love their cucumber soothing hypoallergenic facial wipes. Daylogic gel masks will be in my refrigerator, ready for my weekly indulgences.  It is always exciting trying new products, especially when there is a minimal investment.  Trying new product allows you to appreciate the quality of the products you currently use or add new favorites to your arsenal of besties!



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