July 5, 2016

Part 2-Gift Sets

Since I was a toddler I was familiar with Elizabeth Arden products.  When Auntie Cady left for work, I would scope out the top of her dresser and touch all her cosmetics and jewelry, Elizabeth Arden face cream was front and center.  I knew this because my Grandmother had the same jar on her vanity, and she confirmed its name and use.  That’s my first recollection of the brand and just recently (within the last twenty years) a friend received a gift certificate to an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.  I’m known to read anything in print that has to do with self-improvement, and I could no longer ignore the accolades Elizabeth Arden products received, especially the Eight Hour®Cream Original Set. When a gift set from Macy’s presented itself, I jumped on it.  For $27 I purchased the original  Elizabeth Arden Hydrate & Nourish with Eight Hour®Cream.  This gift set included a full size Eight Hour®Cream Skin Protectant, 1 oz, Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment, and  a full size Nourishing Lip Balm Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 20.Blog - 50  I started with the extremely popular Eight Hour®Cream Skin Protectant.  It was more of a gel than a cream and as I applied to my hands and arms, I found the smell far too off-putting to continue using.   My husband on the other hand loved the cream/gel.  He applied the product on his recently sunburned legs, he liked how easily it was absorbed into his skin and it left his legs feeling better and without the remnants of the sunburn peel.  I can’t really expand on the remaining products in the set, Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment and the Nourishing Lip Balm, because they both had a distinctive scents that I found to be not to my liking .  I liked that the hand cream absorbed quickly onto my hands, I couldn’t ignore the scent.  My not liking the scent in no way should reflect on the quality of the product.  If you were unsure whether this would be a good purchase, you could go to the Arden counter and try it out.  Just remember that this product Elizabeth Arden Hydrate & Nourish with Eight Hour®Cream has been the winner of “Glamour Magazines 20 Best Beauty Buys!”

A gift set I thoroughly adored was a Living proof.® full size frizz® shampoo, conditioner, and humidity shield.  I used and loved these products, but never replaced them due to the cost.  In March of this year, I changed hair stylist.  Lynn of Hair, Heart & Soul bravely attempted to correct my over-processed hair and neglect of proper care.  Something she said the first time she cut and colored my hair resonated with me, I believe she said, “if you want your color to last and your hair to look healthy, use good product.” That’s all I needed to hear and immediately went home and ordered the Blog - 49Living proof.®frizz travel kit  and full size frizz®shampoo and conditioner. I used this kit on a visit to Boston and was surprised to have such warm weather. My coarse and slightly frizzy hair went haywire.  It dawned on me that the travel set contained frizz shampoo, conditioner, nourishing cream, leave-in-conditioner, but no humidity shield.  I compensated for not having the humidity shield by applying some leave-in-conditioner to my ends and flyaways, this helped but it definitely did not work as well as the humidity shield.  I think its obvious how enamored I am with the Living proof. products, especially the humidity shield, its weightless solution for dry hair that blocks humidity, is incredible.  I love it!  Hopefully these two reviews will be helpful in your decision-making when working on your style and flare!

I am aware that there are some issues with the posting of comments and function of buttons on my blog.  On July 12th, I will be meeting with a blog developer and hopefully all issues will be resolved and this blog will be 100% interactive. Thank you for your patience!

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