December 26, 2017

Picture Perfect Christmas!

Christmas is the holy day/holiday commemorating the birth of Christ!  The Christmas Season has been dubbed; “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year”!  Whether you observe this holiday or not, it is virtually impossible to ignore the splendor that besieges you wherever you look at this time.  This holiday season I was inundated with visual representations of Christmas, some outstanding, others missing the mark entirely.  It didn’t matter to me because it really put the holiday season into prospective, because the meaning and rituals of the holiday change as you grow older.  As you get older, the holiday season is not solely about the presents, the traditions, or the foods you eat.  As you get older, the receiving of gifts is of little importance, traditions become memories as the people you have shared holidays with are no long living or no longer live close by, and foods that you normally associate with the holiday, you don’t pretend to like, when you really didn’t.  What made this holiday season, a true joy in the secular sense was the efforts of my neighbors, friends, and family with their effort to celebrate this Christmas!  So I share with you the pictures of the decorations I see when I walk in the daylight hours, drive by in the evening, some home pictures, and Jeff’s attempt to compete with our artistic neighbors.

Each morning Sean Patrick and I walk by this decorated tree that I equate to a train wreck!  It is fun and bizarre, brings a smile to my face, but is totally ridiculous!

Love the way this guy makes Sean Patrick howl with delight!  

Talk about attention to detail, I look for the elves who make the cookies when I walk by!

All year long this holly tree is a sight to see, yet it takes on a more significant meaning during the Christmas season!

Christmas Blooms!

Riding along side the river, it always makes me wonder why they put a Christmas tree on a dock!  Probably to put a smile on my face!

Last year Santa was riding a bicycle, this year he switched to a tractor!

Love this home with the understated lights, shooting star on the roof, and the deer antlers decorating the wreath.

A tasteful reminder of the reason for the season!

Christmas Eve!  Light up the night!

Our tree and decorations!

Jeff’s attempt to get into the game and light up the front of our home!

Nothing deep or profound to say about the holiday season!  I hope all enjoyed their holiday in the way they chose to observe or celebrate it.  Warm wishes to all and may we all have a pain free week.



  1. Nichole Vanderbush says:

    Love the pictures and I always enjoy reading your blogs. Did you know “bumbles bounce”
    HAPPY 2018!!!

  2. Merry Christmas. Loved the photos. If I had a dock, I would probably put a tree on it too

  3. Love it.

  4. Valerie Fuchs says:

    Great pictures!