September 19, 2017

Reflection On Life With RA!

I flatly refuse to let RA define or dictate my life and daily activities. It’s one thing to have no control over the medical treatment I receive, but it’s up to me to deal with the physical and psychological effects that RA challenges me with daily. What I struggle greatly with is being my manager of my physical needs that change way to often. Even possessing an unrelenting strength to succeed, doesn’t always yield positive results. I’ve come to realize that medication alone does not guarantee any quality of life, but I am solely responsible for my quality of life. So once again I reevaluate my commitment to only treat this disease, not live this disease. These are the things I have come up with!

My success is rooted in my attitude and mastery of time management. I must focus on efficiency and prioritize my needs by setting realistic goals. My goals should focus on my environment and passion of acquiring tools that will sustain a gratifying life with RA. I must stay on top of things in spite of challenges. Being goal oriented would include eating healthy, incorporating to-do-lists in my daily life, and making multitasking a thing of the past. It is instrumental for me to periodically reassess what works and what doesn’t, and finally, work harder on things that need change. I’ll never lose as long as I keep trying! Have a great week! Mary Ann


  1. You are such a positive inspiration, not only to adults coping with other chronic illnesses but I read your post to my 12 yr old battling EDS and she loves them. Would you ever consider a post for children?