January 17, 2017

Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Weather!

Each and everyday I work at putting a positive spin on my life, while living with Rheumatoid Arthritis! This has been one of my coping mechanism since the initial diagnosis.   Yet, I am no longer celebrating my ability to predict the weather.  Last week’s storm that barreled into the northeast, knocked me for a loop!  Early morning, January 7th, I awoke to a strange sensation of the skin tightening in my fingers and toes.  Not wanting to be an alarmist or act the afflicted, I dressed and walked, not a stroll, not a half hour, nor half mile, I walked for hours.  It seemed to take the edge off of whatever was happening in my body.  When the storm was in full force, my Sean Patrick and I walked the shoreline, that had no snow, so I would not fall!  It was absolutely beautiful, and I can’t be sure, but I felt less pressure while we battled the wind!  Sadly, I was having what I believe was my first full-fledged rheumatoid arthritis flare.  I won’t go into details, but for six days, it was extremely uncomfortable (polite way of saying painful), yet bearable because of the positivity that surrounds me!

During this week-long struggle, my Sean Patrick and husband, lessened the load during this trying time.  It was frightening at some points, I had composed an email to the rheumatologist a few times during the week, but always wanted to wait another day until the pain subsided, so never sent it!  I forced myself to honor appointments and a brunch date this past weekend at my niece’s home, 70 miles away. What I realized as I drove home from her house was how happy and exhilarated I felt after this visit. There is something about spending time with people you love, holding your great-niece and feeling euphoric, as this 6 month old baby smiles, as she looks at you adoringly!  It only made me more determined to not let this bump in the road change my commitment to how I handle this disease, and not allow this disease to determine how I live my life!  

Carla and Isabelle


  1. What a beautiful baby!

  2. Jackie Senich says:


    I loved this post. I’m so impressed with how you’re handling your pain. I can’t imagine this struggle, but you’re turning it into something positive, which is amazing!!! This post has put a smile on my face and i’m visualizing that sweet baby’s face!!!