February 28, 2017

“Ridiculous Commentary”

The ridiculous range of weather in the northeast has run the gamut of blizzard conditions, icy roads, dangerous winds, to 60° weather, all within a weeks time!  School was called off for two days and a two-day school vacation had me watching more television, which infected me with an abundance of useless, ridiculous information!  What really caught my attention on a particularly heavy snow shoveling day was the reporting of the fact that today, February 11th is;  “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day”.  Many people do, justifiably so, panic in anticipation of a predicted storm, you can witness this in any supermarket or hardware store!  Yet, I found it odd that a reputable news station would share the above fact, unless they wanted to ease peoples’ fears or stop their fretting over the temporary inconvenience of the weather, or just to look on the bright side of things!  This got me to thinking, when did this ridiculousness of recognizing trivial days come about?  I don’t have the want, nor the energy to find the answer, I’m embarrassed to admit, I celebrate “National Coffee Day”, FYI September 29th.  As I reflect on the ridiculousness of some of these days, I have to admit I get a chuckle out of going into my favorite clam shack and finding out it is; “Clam on the Half Shell Day”, FYI March 31st.  I want to blame Hallmark, the makers of the , “Holiday of the Day” calendars, and agendas that share the bizarre name of the days for most of the ridiculousness!

As I mentioned above, I’ve had quite a bit of time lately to ruminate, which has brought me to my list of ridiculous or unique days, weeks, and months that I celebrate, even though some are outrageously ridiculous.  Here goes:  

January 8th is “Bubble Bath Day”, kinda digging this one, especially if it became a National Holiday, I’d be off from work, having a long soak!  

March 3rd is “If Pets Had Thumbs Day”, it certainly would make my life easier.  March 17th is “Evacuation Day” & “St. Patrick’s Day”, Evacuation Day was a non-school day in Boston, therefore a favorite day of mine.  St. Patrick’s Day is a green beer, corned beef and cabbage type of day.  Count me in!

The first week in June is designated as, “National Gardening Week”.  I can’t see the reason behind this, everyday in June would be a great time to garden.

June 14 is “Flag Day” and “Monkey Around Day”, how cool and a little weird, show respect for our flag and act like a fool!

October 17th, a personal favorite, “Wear Something Gaudy Day“, what my coworkers never knew, my clothes were from my closet, and no way meant to be gaudy!  

Finally, December is “Bingo Month”, I’m looking forward to this in my retirement!  

It is nice to really take a break and comment on ridiculousness.  Life is serious and hard at times and no matter how foolish somethings may seem, I just enjoy the oddity of it all!  It’s a quick break from reality and fun!  



  1. Kristen says:

    ridiculousness does not need to have a certain day here in RI!! This was a great read. I chuckled throughout the entire blog. I love bubble bath day. Lets make it bubble bath month. Let not forget St. Joseph’s Day please. If it wasn’t for the Italians society would not have good food. Keep them coming Maryann

  2. A wonderful and amusing piece of writing!!! Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading the blog each week.