August 23, 2016

Sean Patrick and Rheumatoid Arthritis

On the mend from my second hip replacement since late June.  I’m getting up and about regularly without cautions and even started attending seat yoga with my friends Tre & Val.

What I’ve missed most during my healing time is my best buddy, my dog, Sean Patrick!  SP - 1While recuperating I’m not able to play/rough house with him, and I desperately miss our early morning walks together.  What’s unusual about our early morning walks is that Sean Patrick was never my reason to get out of bed and walk.  Selfishly, I consider him to be my personal trainer who is responsible for the two-mile walks we take together before I go to work.  He not only lifts my spirits, he has been my constant companion through both my surgeries and challenges associated with RA.  At times during my recuperation and initial diagnosis he has spent hours laying on the bed with me or looking out the window patiently awaiting for me to rise. SP BED LOOKING OUT WINDOW - 1 He has been the best medicine through all of my physical struggles.  He has been known to lessen my joint pain by his comforting warmth and unconditional love.   It is true that pets can alleviate depression associated with illnesses.  They can be the best medicine, but are not the solution for all that struggle with chronic illnesses.  I just thought he needed to be recognized for all he has done, and continues to do for me! 

XO - 1


  1. Jackie Senich says:

    Way to go Sean Patrick. Maybe we can call him Dr. Sean. I’m so glad your feeling better and I know brighter days are ahead for you!

  2. Research shows that pets can help with the healing process. I think Sean Patrick is a little miracle. I would get a pet, but I would probably just end up with Lyme disease, LOL. GREAT POST. If I was still a Professor, I would be asking you to guest speak on this topic.

  3. valerie fuchs says:

    Great story about “woman’s best friend”!! love that dog!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Leslie! Anyone with a pet knows exactly how we feel! xo M

  5. So beautifully stated and so true, continue getting stronger with your best buddie by your side!
    He is a good looker!