August 5, 2016

Self vs Self


Aside from the physical woes brought on by an autoimmune disorder, one has to deal with the emotional components. Accepting the fact that your own body has turned against you is not easy. Fighting an external factor is psychologically more acceptable than fighting yourself. After months of trying to sort everything out, incorporating a new diet, and making lifestyle adjustments, I saw the light. I did not treat my body well, so it was not going to treat me well. A white flour diet, a daily afternoon Twizzler fix (we’re talking full pack here), and working full-time while completing a Master’s Degree took their respective tolls. My body wasn’t crying for help; it was screaming for help! And then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Just as my lifestyle made my body ill, my choices held the power to make it well. I had to admit the no white flour or sugar diet was working. Taking a multivitamin and B12 were also assisting with my recovery. I realized I had the power to regain my energy levels and get my life back. In that moment, I did not win the battle; I won the war. So I encourage you to know there is hope. It might seem as if you are in a dark place with no return, but I can assure you there is a light; it will be dim at first, but it will grow brighter, and you too will win the war.