April 10, 2018

Smooth Sailing into Year 3!

This month we celebrate the second anniversary of RA Style & Flare. This blog was launched as a means to share information that empowers individuals to live life with Style & Flare in spite of Rheumatoid Arthritis, or any other chronic illness.  That’s what I shared with my readers two years ago in the about post, but I never came clean on why I was really embarking on this blogging journey.

It would be difficult to describe the myriad of feelings I experienced when a name was given to the excruciating pain that was ravaging my body.  After all the medications that were prescribed and the medical information that was given on the initial appointment, I left the appointment overwhelmed, dazed, and still in excruciating pain.  Enough about the particulars, I got home and immediately started searching for and reading blogs about RA.  I was really looking for success stories or stories of encouragement that living life with RA was going to be no big deal.   Sad to say, most of the blogs turned out to be negative descriptions of life with RA and what they share and do was a projection of their own reality and attitude, that was scary as hell!  Even though I truly understood the pain and frustration many of the writers felt, I needed to disconnect from the negativity, I was hurting and needed a life line.  The inception of writing this weekly blog has forced me to understand that medication is only a part of the equation that makes living with RA bearable.  I write about different areas that I need to address due to the changes my body regularly experiences.  In the last two years I’ve been remiss by not mentioning how important it is to surround yourself with people that are winning at life, the ones that enrich your life, that help and not hurt you.  

In previous blog posts I have acknowledged the support I’ve received from friends, family, and caregivers, and today I must add to the list.  For quite a few months I’ve been following a blog written by Leigh called phat50chick with RA.  I met Leigh for the first time today at lunch.  We have a lot in common and it only proved to me how important a positive attitude is.  I think the lunch was good, but the company was better!  It really was refreshing to spend time with a likeminded woman who shared some of her life experiences with RA that helped me and she made my day a little brighter simply with by her positive energy.  So on the 2nd year anniversary I am celebrating my blog and its future, plus the acquisition of a new friend!  Have a great week!



  1. Jackie Senich says:

    Great post Mary Ann. Nice to see you smiling!


  2. Mary Ann – what a fabulous post. Thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed our lunch so much – it’s always great to meet a fellow blogger and we clicked, that’s for sure. I think there’s no coincidence that we live close together. We were meant to meet. Happy 2 years on your blog and keep up that positive mental attitude. Remember – life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it!!

    Can’t wait to do it again.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! It’s been a pleasure reading your blog and experiencing your positive attitude through this media outlet!!!