February 6, 2018

Snap out of it!!!!

Starting my fourth month out of work and still awaiting a shoulder replacement;  “Boy, am I bored and stressed out!”  I’ve had injuries and operations before, but there have been too many uncomfortable days and nights because of this injured shoulder!  What is one to do?  I think about the two hip replacements and how happy I was progressing from walker to cane and eventually without any aids.  There will be no end game in sight for my busted shoulder until I have this surgery, which I’m not looking forward to having.   So I retreat to my bedroom, turn on my snowman diffuser and wonder how I’m going to get through the day. One can only read, watch TV, take walks, or sleep in a day without feeling bored and mentally capable of more.   So I’ve created the waiting for surgery master plan!  For the past three weeks I’ve given myself a weekly project to complete.  A plan is now made each morning when I wake up, that not only includes my meal prep, but a road map of where I’m going and what I’m doing for the day.  Here is a sample week of my attempt to ward off the stress and boredom I have been feeling. 

 Each Sunday night, the weekly project is decided upon.  This week’s project is getting all paperwork together and reviewed so the taxes can be filed on time without an extension!

 Self-Care, morning medications, meditation, and stretching (10 min) before the day’s meal plan and prep is done!

 Light housekeeping!  (throwing dirty clothes down the steps for Jeff to wash, putting my tea-cup in sink, making a list for Jeff to do!)

A walk to the beach with Sean Patrick is always on my daily activity.

 Sorting out boxes of pictures taken from my parent’s home that haven’t been opened up in decades.  (How many pictures do you need of you, your siblings laying on a changing table, sitting in a rocking chair, or propped up on a pillow?  Hopefully not many because I shredded tons!)

I could go on with my daily mundane activities that seem to be stressing me out but, stress is a normal reaction to everyday part of life.  What I believe I am reacting to is the uncertainty of what is to come and what I expect will happen!  I’ll continue to soldier on, sending Jeff out to buy acrylic containers to store and organize the kitchen cabinets, and anything else I can find a use for them.  Sean Patrick will be challenged to learn new tricks, he is either intellectually unavailable or smarter than me because he knows the treats will keep coming if he only keeps trying to do the trick, but not fully executing!  Have a great week!




  1. I like the daily plan. It’s a great idea!!!