January 16, 2018


Just some thoughts……

In my lifetime I have started more diets than the passing of ships through the Suez Canal! Each and every time I joined Weight Watchers, Opti-Fast, Medi-Fast, and countless other diets, it was always going to be the final one. My diet always started with a great amount of determination and willpower to succeed, and always seemed to end with a feeling of disgust and disappointment. I was sometimes able to sustain weight lose, but never able to make the lifestyle changes that allowed me to end my dieting dilemmas. I’ll never pish-pish any diet that allows individuals to realize weight lose and a healthy relationship with food, yet it has eluded me for years!

This past December I contacted an online registered dietician named Patty Berry. I was so done with the numerous attempts of starting and learning about different techniques, and it seemed as if this might be more of an educational experience in learning how, what, and when to eat. Well, a little more than a month has passed, I haven’t weighed myself within this time frame, but I do know that it is clicking in the areas we discuss, and I have never felt the confidence that I feel today, that I will never diet again! This journey has been enjoyable and I haven’t felt this content in quite a long time.

Working with Patty is a one to one experience. Even though she is located in San Diego, I touch base with her every couple of days after she has perused my food records, and I have just completed my second online visit with her via the “safe HIPAA compliant platform” this morning. There is no disappointing/negative feelings working with her, there is only support, suggestions, and solutions on how to eat healthy, balanced, and satisfying meals and snacks. There are no foods that are bad, there are meals and snacks to be eaten in very lenient amounts. I laugh to myself when some of her responses to my food records suggest I may not be eating enough, but after further explanation, what she suggests makes perfect sense. So there is no truth in the saying that you; “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” because I am putting that saying to rest!

I occasionally plan on sharing my progress while working with Patty Berry,  and sharing some of the life changing behaviors I am experiencing. RA Style and Flare is a platform where I share positive experiences during challenging times! This is certainly one experience I am so happy to share!  Have a great week, and people in the northeast, stay toasty!


  1. Way to go Mary Ann. I’m so excited for you!!!!! Xo

  2. Losing weight isn’t the hardest part – it’s keeping it off. That’s where the fad diets and the fasting diets fail. They aren’t sustainable and once people go back to their lifestyle, they gain it back. I weighed myself this morning and I’m 5 pounds over my lowest from last year. I ate everything this fall – French fries, candy, cookies. Ice already started modifying my diet and am actually doing a diet with 23 and me, the ancestry website. More fiber, protein and veggies. Which is easy to eat, really.

    Good wishes for continued success Mary Ann!!

    • Little update Leigh! It is a learning experience working with Patty, I do the best I can each day! I don’t weigh myself, don’t think I’ve lost much weight, but I am feeling so much better! Hope all is well in your world! M

  3. Glad to hear that Patty is a helpful resource for you and your readers!!!