March 7, 2017


 This past weekend, which was not a jaunty jolly one, I met up with some individuals that I hadn’t seen in years!  Being of a mature age and worldly at that (sic),  I thought I had heard it all, in the line of ridiculousness! 

With the knowledge that I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I was welcomed with a compliment that I would have killed for years ago; “You look great”!  I’m glad I’m physically pleasing to you but, your well intended compliment doesn’t make me feel better.  Which got me to thinking, let me share with my readers some of the craziest things I’ve heard since being diagnosed, and exactly how I feel about them!

“My cousin’s next door neighbor’s aunt has arthritis.  It is a horrible disease!”

I Think:  Knowing that your relative who probably has osteoarthritis, which is a different condition than someone with RA,  do you really think I feel any better knowing that your relative has arthritis?  I’m not a big fan of misery likes company!

“The treatment for RA has come a long way!”

I Think:  I agree, yes there is a larger variety of poisonous medications that will address the progression of the disease!  Hopefully, I will not develop any other serious diseases associated with the taking of these drugs. 

“If anyone can beat this, you can!”

I Think:  Well thank you for your vote of confidence but, there is no cure for RA, it is a managed chronic disease. 

It was my intention to jovially explain Rheumatoid Arthritis without a litany of symptoms, medications, or management plans.  I felt the need to do this since I’ve smiled and thanked people for years for sharing their anecdotal knowledge of my condition in comparison to the reality of the illness.  I for one don’t want sympathy nor empathy for having an invisible disease.  I want the people who are part of my inner circle to know that RA is different for everyone.  Each person who is treated for RA gets an individualized care plan, it is not a one size fits all disease. It is on the same realm as a designer disease.  

The ignorance of humanity does not cause me to be angry, I just wanted to put RA in layman’s terms in proper perspective, and hopefully educate the public at large. 



  1. Great thoughts on how to deal with others’ lack of knowledge!!!