September 13, 2016


Even though you may have developed a plan for dealing with challenges in your life, you don’t always realize the results you are seeking.  I’ve come to the realization that even the most highly touted products and life strategies, are NOT, one size fits all.  Rheumatoid Arthritis is an inflammatory disease, it is painful because of the stiff and swollen joints that can wreak havoc on your body.  I maintain a most comfortable standard of living by following my doctor prescribed medication schedule.  Sadly, some of the medications that relieve the pain and progression of the disease have many negative side effects.  I have trust in my doctor, knowing he has weighed the potential risks against the benefits of the medication he has prescribed.  Yet, it is difficult to deal with unpredictable health issues, but it is more difficult to sit back and wait for medications to alleviate all my discomfort and symptoms.  So, I am attempting to seriously work on ways to minimize the side effects of my medications, and set new goals to lose weight by dismissing foods that render no nutritional value to my body and overall health.

-I’m saying good-bye to my beloved Coke Zero, a drink with no nutritional value that contains carbolic acid through carbonation that may weaken my tooth enamel, and the caffeine in the soda can weaken my bones.

-I’m saying good-bye to Veggie Chips that are made with vegetable flour, but don’t actually contain any vegetables.  If I fall off the the healthy eating wagon, I’ll eat a small bag of Cape Cod Chips.

-I’m saying good-bye to all the Energy Bars that live in my home, car, work draw, & pocketbook, that are filled with chocolate, high fructose corn syrup, and saturated fat.  I have tried many, but the Energy Bars I like best, are not the healthiest or lowest in calories.  I find myself eating one as a treat or substitute for a candy bar.  If I fall off the healthy eating wagon, I will devour a Milky Way Dark bar!

-I’m saying good-bye to my beloved Trail Mix!  Love it so much I can eat an entire bag, and still feel good about myself! It’s calorie laden, I must kick the habit!


-I’m saying good-bye to Smoothies that exceed the 900 calorie mark.  I will not fool myself any longer, believing its all good calories.  Hopefully, by kicking the smoothie obsession, the weight will melt off!   

-I’m definitely saying good-bye to Frozen Yogurt, it was never a favorite of mine, but knowing that it contained less fat, I ate it.  Now knowing some brands of Frozen Yogurt contain the same amount of calories and sugar as ice cream, I’ll stick with an occasional scoop of Brigham’s, The Big Dig Ice Cream, and be extremely happy!

These small changes are definitely going to help me lose the weight I need to lose, but most importantly, I’m much more aware of the contents of some of the foods I eat, and want to make better choices of what I consume. If I’m unable to monitor my food intake, I pray that I only moderately fall off the wagon, and quickly climb back on and keep tracking my intake!

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  1. I’m so impressed by the honesty in your blog posts and your focus to feel well! I bet you can make protein or energy bars at home that are way more delicious and certainly a lot healthier. Certainly less convenient, but might be a great way to ensure you are getting the foods that can help reduce symptoms.

  2. Maybe I suggest you give each one a few days apart? Easier on your sense of comfort. Making a list and sharing it is something I admire. I have no doubt, you will have complete success!