August 16, 2016


It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted a proper blog entry.  The site has been updated so that you can comment by just clicking on the comment button below each entry.  Expect changes to the my site as it continues to evolve.

This hot and humid August weather has really cramped my style!  I spend most of my time indoors trying to entertain myself, humidity does not agree with my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  You can only read, watch TV, clean, or sleep so much, I decided to rummage through my bag of cosmetic samples.  What I found were two samples from the fresh ® company, and what a surprise it was.Paula - 1  I first spritzed the sample,  fresh HESPERIDES GRAPEFRUIT eau de parfum,  it was a light, fragrant, and clean smell.  After a few hours, this light fragrance was noticeably present.  I loved the scent mainly because it was not sweet-smelling, something I associate citrus fragrances with.  It intrigue me that I wasn’t  privy to this product, because I have been searching for years, for a fragrance that is light and has staying power.  This enticed me to try my other sample, fresh SOY FACE CLEANSER, and what a surprise!  This extra gentle gel cleanser is for all types of skin, and not only cleanses your skin, it removes make-up, including mascara.  What a find!  By using this cleanser I can eliminate make-up remover from my nightly ritual.  There will be less stuff in the drawers and a financial gain to boot!  I no longer will purchase two types of make-up removers.  I’ve been using these two products for approximately two weeks, I liked the two samples so much, I immediately purchased the full size soy face cleanser and eau de parfum, as well as two other  fresh products.  The fresh HESPERIDES GRAPEFRUIT BATH & SHOWER GEL and the fresh HESPERIDES GRAPEFRUIT BODY LOTION are a dream.  Now, I look forward to my showers, the refreshing subtle scent of the bath gel is intoxicating as it foams and cleans beautifully.  When you apply the body lotion you get another level of a refreshing scent that smooths your skin and feels amazing.  It is so unusual for me to stumble upon such great products.  Most of what I purchase I have read about in-depth,  or acted on recommendations of friends.   If you decide to try these products, I certainly hope you realize the same positive outcome as I have!  Looking forward to your comments, just click comments below the post to share!

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