May 22, 2018

The Resurgence of Exercise

Exercise is great if you want to lose weight or for weight management, but I have always put it into the same category as dieting.  In my younger years, I had no problem during the school summer break going to aerobic  classes twice a day, riding on the bike path, 6 miles out, breakfast of bagel & cream cheese with coffee and stopping a few miles into the return trip for my first aerobics class of the day, before biking the rest of the way home!  The rest of the day I walked the beach, swam, cleaned house, and then set off for my 4 o’clock class.  For most of the summer this was my schedule expect for the three weeks we spent at Old Orchard Beach, at this point, all bets were off!  Jeff and I spent hours during the year plotting and planning what we would do on our summer vacation.  Sadly, I think of the decade plus on these vacations fondly, it was time we went wild!  We ate ice cream, fried foods, pizza, candy, and liquor daily!  Some of my fondest memories are the nights we spent planning for our upcoming vacation.  We spent hours discussing what would be our drink of this summer,  and judging which one would win the coveted spot of “Summer Cocktail of 20..”!  Things changed when our vacations were halted in 2010 due to Jeff’s medical condition.  Until Jeff was back on the road to recovery we only returned a few times spending a week here and there!   Subsequently, my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis squashed my wanderlust physically, but now I’m ready to embark on tamer vacations, with the same anticipation and gusto we once enjoyed, primarily due to my updated relationship with food and exercise.  

Working with Patty Berry, my registered dietician, my attitudes and behaviors are slowly changing.  We will go to Maine this summer, but we are not preparing as if it is the last supper or our last hurrah!  I’m ready and willing to eat in moderation because I realize how good  I feel when I do! Feelings are extremely powerful, so I am embracing moderation and will enjoy the good feelings it brings. 

As far as exercise is concerned, I doubt I would risk a fall after a shoulder replacement so recently, so biking is out!  Jeff and I have been strategizing what we will do for exercise, we have eliminated miniature golf, arcades, and hiking.  It seems rather straight forward that we will be walking and swimming.  Unlike my acceptance/enjoyment of eating in moderation, I really did not give up anything in the food category.  The only downsize of eating in moderation is the loss of income for Dairy Queen, Feilder’s Choice Ice Cream, Beach Bagel, The Pirates Den, Bill’s Pizza, and Pier Fries.  The absence of biking is really going to impact our vacation.  Without the bikes, the traffic will determine where we go, as well as the parking situation is always difficult in this tourist town.  We will need to substitute our biking adventures for something and hopefully we think of it before we leave for vacation!

Here is a sampling of past Maine adventures!


  1. JACKIE SENICH says:

    What a nice memory of Maine! So glad you’re going back. xo

  2. Anonymous says:

    GREAT PIX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Elise Ferrara says:

    Looks like a wonderful vacation spot. Enjoy ?