November 29, 2016

Stock up! Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you’re in the market for cosmetics!   It’s that time of the year, when many products are sold in gift sets or have free gift with purchase.  For years I’ve taken advantage of this opportunity to try out a varied selection of cosmetics.  This year was no different. I immediately headed to Nordstroms and believe it or not, only purchased two items and received one gift, and I purchased a Chanel lipstick, just because I love it!  Buying cosmetics is entirely different from purchasing skin care products.  With cosmetics, you know quickly if something is working or is a bust.  Skincare is a whole different can of worms, sometimes it takes weeks to realize the effects of the product on your face/body!  So I enjoy the holidays when I purchase some cosmetics I’ve had my eye for a while and am given gifts to try.  A win-win for me!

One of the major effects of the RA medications I take is the dry skin.  Compound that with applying a powder blush to mature skin is disastrous.  It has been my experience that when powder is applied to mature skin, it emphasizes visible lines and sometimes  even contributes to even drier skin.  So I’ve been on a mission to find a balm blush, that would moisturize as well as color my checks.  Off to Nordstroms I went and immediately was intrigued by the Clinique cubby stick cheek colour balm in #03 roly poly rosycheekcolour-balm-1

I wanted it, yet I did not spend the amount to receive the free gift, so  I picked up the Clinique be cool cool attitude gift set, chubby-lash-plum-mascara-1which contained the ‘Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara’ in Plum, an eyeliner and eye gel, no longer available in this gift set at Nordstroms.  Now I got the free gift with purchase.  It was a major compromise for me, since my intent was to get the YSL ‘Volume Effet Faux Cils’ Mascara in Burgundy, which I had read so many positive reviews about.  I’m happy to report that the Clinique ‘Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara’ in Plum is sensational, it adds a bit of color to my eyes, that are dark to begin with.  It is not a vivid color, subtle and made my lashes look fuller and longer.  The bonus of wearing this mascara was that it is long wearing, does not flake and is extremely easy to remove!  The cheek color balm is easy to use, has great pigmentation, and looks extremely natural on me!  So the two products I purchased were another win-win.

According to Clinique the free gift was a collection of the best of Clinique products, plus a cosmetic bag.handcreams-1-2  A choice of color foundation stick was limited to two at Nordstrom, if purchasing products online from Clinique you were given a choice of four foundation stick colors to choose from.  It is unfortunate that the color that was suggested to me was the darker of the two, and still was not the correct foundation color stick.  I did like that it glided on easily, was a buildable, but was not the proper color for me.  

This is a break down of the free gift!

Cosmetics Bag, satin, hot pink, pink, and gold dots, nothing to write home about.  

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream (1 oz.)I used this moisturizer decades ago when I really didn’t need it, but liked it.  I tried this cream for a week and it left my face smooth and soft.  Clinique advertises that this product delivers twice the hydration, and for that reason I will continue to use.  

Smart Custom-Repair Serum (0.34 oz.) I gave this serum a go, and I can honestly say that I haven’t noticed any change in my uneven skin tone or have any fewer lines.  I did use this product religiously, twice a day as directed until it ran out.  Perhaps the sample was not enough to render positive results.

Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick in Intense Ivory (0.12 oz.)Nothing more to say!

Blended Face Powder in Invisible Blend (0.16 oz.) Will not use powder!

Mini Pop Lip Color & Primer in Sweet Pop (0.08 oz.) Absolutely loved the “Sweet Pop” pinky color.  It glides on easily and looks very pretty.  Clinique states; “Colour stays true for 8 hours.” I didn’t find this to be true, but I thought it was a good product, large selection of colors, and a reasonable price.  I will probably purchase a full tube at a later date.  

• High Impact Mascara in Black (0.12 oz.) It is an easy mascara to apply, it has a large brush with short bristles, and like the Clinique Cubby Lash it is long-lasting and does not flake.  

So now I present my Chanel Lipstick!


The big deal about this particular red lipstick is that I’ve searched for years looking for a red lipstick that complimented my complexion.  This summer it was out of stock, therefore it was such a rush to get it last month.  It is a blue based, red lipstick, 169, named Chanel Rouge Tentation, I’m in love!  Rarely do I find a lipstick that is a satin finish, highly pigmented, creamy, and long lasting, that does not dry my lips out.  It is not advertised as a moisturizing lipstick, yet it is extremely hydrating.  I use my Chanel lip liner in, Rouge Profound, it is a creamy pencil that blends easily and is a great base for the Tentation. 


Gray Heron fishing!

Gray Heron fishing!



Have a great week everyone!

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