October 31, 2017

Time Management and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Life before the RA diagnosis consisted of non-scheduled activities that fit into a few desirable categories that revolved around my work schedule.  My work schedule is carved in stone, but all other time was dedicated to socializing, going places, and recreational shopping.  Any time left over was used for addressing household responsibilities that I begrudgingly did.  

Well times are different now, life with RA not only alters your outlook on life, it controls how you spend your time.  Experiencing varying levels of daily fatigue, I possess a heightened awareness of how and what I do with my time and how I treat myself and time itself.  Now, I measure how much time I spend, and what results come of this time.  I will not waste time on unproductive thoughts, conversations, and activities.  I create time blocks that may include meal planning, med management, and meditation.  Socializing, going places, and recreational shopping are still a part of my life, yet, since my RA diagnosis I’ve come to appreciate my time spent on self-care and self-preservation.  Some people may lament and think they were dealt an unfair hand, well life gave me a bowl of lemons, and now I make the best sorbet!   Be well & have a great week!

The Great Gale of October 2017

Firemen cutting their way out of my street.  3am

The aftermath!

Clean up complete!  Mission accomplished!


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    I really love your pix!!!