January 8, 2018

Tracking 36 Hours of the “bomb cyclone” of 2018!

Coming off of three days of the “bomb cyclone”!  Before I share with you the pictures memorializing an epic storm, I need to clarify one thing.  How did I not know what a ‘bomb cyclone” is?  I pride myself on being the largest receptacle of useless information, but missed this!  If you didn’t know, the ‘bomb cyclone” was a phrase coined by two meteorologist  in a paper they published in 1980.  Bomb cyclone was used to describe powerful cyclones that get their energy from rapid drops in pressure caused by hot and cold temperatures colliding.  My interpretation of a ‘bomb cyclone’ was determined by my observation of three days of heavy sleet and snow.  This is what it looked like in the East Bay of Rhode Island!

Wednesday @ 4:15 pm, at the beach anticipating what was to come!

Wednesday @ 9:32 am, it is warming up and rather quiet at the beach until…

Wednesday @ 1:45 pm, we attempted to make it back to the beach, but were unsuccessful!

Friday @ 11:30 we went out to assess damage!

Sean Patrick declared it to be safe and clear, and we navigated the neighborhood as best we could!

Friday @ 2:04 pm, the weather changed, the wind was whipping along the beach, giving us one last thrill!

Hoping everyone that was affected by the winter storms were able to enjoy the beauty and deal with the challenges of Mother Nature!  Have a great week!