September 20, 2016

Who Could Know Two Samples Could Spark A Love Affair?

My August 16th entry, “The Heat!!!” touched on the serendipitous introduction I had with  fresh® beauty products.  I first fell in love with two samples I received when I purchased other beauty products.  They sat around for months, never giving them another thought,  then opening them this summer.  The first sample,  Hesperides Grapefruit eau de parfum smelled delicious.  The invigorating scent motivated me to try the other sample, Soy Face Cleanser that removed all make up and left my face feeling fabulous, causing me to want to try more fresh® products!   I immediately ordered the Bath and Show Gel as well as the Body Lotion.  Low and behold, when they arrived, they came with a fresh® cosmetic case filled with 4 different masks to try.  


I’m majorly attracted to cosmetics that are Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulfates free,  fresh®  products fits the bill!  Cosmetics containing these chemicals have been approved by the FDA, yet scientists believe each one of the chemicals may cause harm. Scientists believe Parabens causes the hormone system to be disturbed and has links to breast and other forms of cancer.  Phthalates are considered estrogen disruptors that may cause reproductive problems,  and Sulfates which enter the blood stream in large amounts, cause eye irritations, skin rashes, and allergic reactions.  So I embrace fresh® products with enthusiasm even though I’m not a die-hard user of organic nor chemical free cosmetics.  So it’s a pleasure/bonus when you find four masks that are free of the above mentioned chemicals that are outstanding.

Fresh Sugar Face Polish, is good on all skin types, as is the other three masks I’ve tried. It is made with pure brown sugar and real strawberries.  The face polish contains Vitamin C, plum seed oil, and grapefruit oil.  I massaged the product onto clean skin and left it for 10 minutes, rinsed with warm water and voila, a bright and clear complexion. The only con to using this product was it smelled so good, I wanted to eat it.  

Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Maskis applied on a clean face and left on over night.  It is a moisturizing treatment that left my skin hydrated, soft, and firm.  I believe the mask is really good for skin that is dry.  The morning results of the mask were clearly evident.

Fresh Creme’ Ancienne Ulitimate Nourishing Honey Mask, is certainly a mouthful!  It contained honey, multiple oils, shea butter, and Vitamin E, these ingredients contributed to the sticky skin, after application.  It left my skin smooth and supple, yet I found it messy to use even though it quickly absorbed into my skin.  Maybe I’m just a messy applicator and I found using the product tedious, yet the results were positive.

Fresh Rose Face Maskis good for dryness, redness, & for pores.  This is my absolute favorite because it can be used daily, you leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse, and presto, I had healthy looking skin.  The appearance of my skin improved, and it felt soft and smooth!

I am not enamored with many different products of the same cosmetic line, I pick and choose what works for me, so I am bowled over with the performance of fresh® products.  It runs the gamut of invigorating parfum, face cleansers, body soaps and lotions, now finally the masks that truly are remarkable!

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    Love it! The site looks awesome!