July 18, 2017

Why Can’t I Maintain Proper Nutrition?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are aware that it was started on the premise of sharing information that empowers you to live life with Style & Flare, in spite of RA, or any other chronic disease.  I live and breathe each day working to live a life free of any of the effects of RA, or at least being able to be productive on days when the effects are dominant.  

Sadly, it is a challenge many days, and little setbacks can/will undermine my greatest efforts to control this disease, so it doesn’t control me!  Well, today I admit defeat with my efforts to lose weight on the Weight Watchers program.  I appreciated their response to me; 

“Dear Mary Ann,

Thank you for contacting Weight Watchers. My name is Chessy and I’m sorry to hear that you decided to cancel your Monthly Pass subscription.

Though we never enjoyed losing a member, as you requested, your subscription with us has been cancelled. You will have full access to the interactive tools, tips and recipes as well as access to unlimited meetings with your Monthly Pass card until July 17, 2017.

Please note that your sign up date was on April 18, 2017.

When your Monthly Pass account expires, it automatically becomes a FREE registered user account. You can log in whenever you want and enjoy the free features found on the site. In addition, you will continue to receive our newsletters and announcements……..” 

Even though the response was not a personalized one, it hit me hard, I realized that once again I was unable to stay the course and do something that would benefit my overall health, and potentially contribute to the reduction of  painful RA flares.  It’s odd that I feel a huge physical improvement within days of eating healthfully, yet I fall back into my original eating habits, and gaining what little weight I’ve lost.  I’ve chewed over why dieting success has eluded me, and can only come up with is the time needed to live the best life possible, is time-consuming and all-encompassing.  From the moment I wake up, I start with the myriad of medications I take, in two stages.  To prepare for a successful day starts with a well orchestrated plan of what will be!  Healthy eating is a job unto itself, but it is one that I must commit to and I need to prove to myself that I’m all in before I join any more programs, buy anymore books, or try the latest and greatest diet trend.  So, when I wake tomorrow, I’ll take my pills, stretch, hug my dog, and realize that the shame is not really from failing, but rather failing to try again!  Wish me well!

I wish I could eat like my neighbors!


  1. Jackie Senich says:

    Great article. You’re so right it’s not the failure, it’s the getting back up. Loosing weight is so hard for everyone. One difficult moment, thought, conversation can have us reaching for a small bit of comfort in a quick snack or treat. You’re living with a very difficult disease and that’s tough enough, but to also try and tackle another tough demon is also very hard. Screw WW, give Sean a bigger hug, hug yourself!!! Smile and take in a new day, it’s a way to start over. You’re loved!! xoxo

  2. Elise Ferrara says:

    Well said, it’s a journey. Hang in there. Hugs!!

  3. Valerie Fuchs says:

    Wow- totally hit me hard…so true every day is a struggle – I keep hoping one day it will just be a habit…

    • I know Val, what really bothers me is the 4 days on and then it all goes to hell! M

  4. Look, don’t be so hard on yourself. Losing weight is hard. RA is hard. Losing weight with RA and the meds is beyond difficult. Eating healthy is a commitment. Of time, energy and money. I’ve struggled with it my entire life and I now feel that RA aside, I’m a healthy overweight person.

    Small, manageable steps. I’ve never had success long term with WW. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s not the right one for you either.

    Don’t kick yourself. Figure out what you can manage and take those small steps.

    • Hi Leigh: I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for all the support you have shown me by your comments and suggestions. I value your opinion mainly because of where it stems from. I have read your entries and I love the way you describe circumstances/experiences, painful, but, you always rally! Your 4th of July post, describes where you are post surgery, and shares a goal to reconnect with spring ski community, it stinks having the surgery, but it appears you are not wallowing in pain, and moving on. I need positivity, even in the face of despair, I have difficulty reading many RA Blogs & Facebook pages that can be raw and graphic, your posts are life affirming in the face of pain/challenges. Some of the posts I read frighten me, I am in fear of experiencing the medical issues discussed, yet, I continue to read them. I know the reading/sharing can be therapeutic and helpful for many, its just a tough pill for me to swallow and I think I need to toughen up!

      Looking forward to more posts and a great rest of the summer to both of us! Be well! Mary Ann

      • Mary Ann, that was very nice what you said to me. I’m an upbeat positive person so it comes to me naturally. I’ve had RA for almost 20 years and I vowed not to let it get the best of me. I’ve stayed in touch with friends and found help online and through those around me. And Yes, the blogs and online stuff can be negative. People are negative. But RA hasn’t gotten the best of me and it never will. I’m walking again and moving very well and happy that I did the surgeries altho at times I told myself it was crazy.

        So that all being said, I like how your blog is NOT about RA. Because. We aren’t defined by our RA.

        So I live in Coventry and work in E prov. What about getting a coffee, drink or lunch sometime ?

  5. Very thought provoking!!! Keep the posts coming because you’re writing is certainly fabulous.