May 24, 2016

Why Lifestyle & Beauty?


Early on I realized that how I felt, determined how I looked. There seemed to be a direct correlation between the level of pain I was in and how I looked. Mistakenly, I started to dress and act the way I wanted to feel, so I slapped on a bunch of make up and dressed in clothes I loved. Surprisingly, it didn’t work, and made me even more miserable, if I actually could be! Dealing with RA and work as well as trying to assume the life I lived before RA wasn’t happening. I wallowed for months struggling to regain some sense of normalcy in my life until one of the articles I read put things into perceptive. My negative disposition did nothing to improve my appearance and health, when I changed my outlook and attitude, things began to change. My favorite shoes no longer were comfortable because of swelling, instead of mourning the loss, I bought better fitting shoes. The makeup I normally used no longer was effective because my skin type changed as a result of the many medications, so the hunt was on! Living life with a chronic disease has launched me into one of the greatest adventures I’ve had in years. Searching for clothing and toiletries that accommodate my new life with style and flare, contributes to my positive perception of the challenges in my life that I embrace!

Granted, there is more to life than purchasing items and searching for clothing that fit my new normal, but it is one constructive goal that has helped me deal with a debilitating disease!


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