December 19, 2017

Why Wait for Change?

It’s that time of the year when life is hectic and time seems to fly by!   Enjoying the holidays is a high priority on  most  people’s list.  All the gift buying, food preparation, and decorating can certainly exhaust you!  I’m sitting back, still out of work, and waiting for a date for my shoulder replacement.  Most of the holiday preparation is not doable so I spend my time being miserable and very unhappy with my life.  Well, in early December I recognized that I had more problems than a damaged shoulder.  My biggest challenge has been my weight, and being as heavy as I am, I realize it affects my damaged shoulder.  You may remember some of my posts mentioning my determination to lose weight, that lasted a New York minute.  I shared with my readers the excitement I felt when I embarked upon The Microbiome Diet, it was slow burn that fizzled quickly.  At this time I would be embarrassed to rejoin, for the umpteen time, Weight Watchers!  So instead of waiting for New Year’s Day to start working on a weight loss resolution I contacted a Registered Dietitian, and had my first video Telehealth appointment with her this past Sunday.

Before joining Patty Berry Registered Dietitian online, all I could think about was the changes I would have to make and all the foods that needed to be eliminated in my diet.  Surprisingly this initial meeting was painless, thought provoking, and exciting all at the same time.  She spent quite a bit of time gathering my medical information, my personal goals, and explaining how we were going to work together.

I wanted to share this experience with you because after the meeting was over, I felt a sense of hope and optimism. This could very well be a sustainable plan that would allow me to reach my weight loss goals but most importantly, break the cycle of constantly trying and failing at too many to mention diets.

It seemed to click when I heard that certain foods are not off-limits, I would be eating a healthy diet, not overly complicated, or drastic, just a manageable plan.  I will be keeping food records and Patty will be overseeing my progress by reviewing the records and making suggestions.  She made it clear that she is available to answer any questions I may have before our next mutually agreed upon meeting.  All materials needed for this plan were emailed to me, I was printing them moments after the appointment was over. 

I’m really enthused and anticipate success as well as setbacks that are part and parcel toward improved health.  It is my intention to stick with this plan, hell or high water, I will do it, and rather excited to be part of this program!  So occasionally I will be sharing with you my progress and thoughts on my journey!  Have a great week!

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